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Vietnam kratom is one of the lesser-known types of the Mitragyna speciosa plant. It reportedly provides either sedative or stimulating effects, depending on the dose and vein. Expect pure and potent products when you buy from Kratom Country. Our capsules and powders undergo strict lab testing to ensure optimal alkaloid levels. This process also ensures they contain no traces of impurities, making them suitable for consumption.

What is Vietnamese kratom?

This strain grows in the Mekong river and Long Xuyen region. These areas don’t have a lot of human encroachment, making it possible for the crops to thrive without interference. This kratom is handcrafted, meaning it doesn’t lose its authentic natural aroma during processing. Vietnamese kratom is popular for producing balanced effects that are dose-dependent. It remains a top choice due to the following features:


Vietnam kratom


It grows in rich soil

The soil medium in the local area contains vital minerals that the kratom plant needs. It’s ideal for the following reasons:

  • The fertile volcanic soil is washed down from the mountains into the banks of the Mekong river by the constant rainfall throughout the year.
  • It allows for organic farming without requiring agricultural enhancers like fertilizers and pesticides.
  • It has a suitable pH level ideal for the growth of kratom plants between 5.5–6.5.All these features help it grow into a healthy and quality kratom tree upon maturing and harvesting. 

It follows a natural growing process

Vietnam kratom grows naturally. There’s no need to employ farming technologies that can change the molecular structure of the supplement in any way. The farmers in the region use a decentralized method of cultivation, allowing the plants to grow by themselves. When they produce flowers, the seeds are scattered by birds or wind to new grounds. You can also grow the tree without the need for irrigation. 

It has higher alkaloid content

In most strains, there are several alkaloids, with mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine being the major ones. The Vietnamese variant contains more alkaloids than its counterparts, making it more potent. Its effects also last longer, more than six hours in some cases.

It has a less bitter aftertaste

No chemical additives are used in the kratom growing process. The natural cultivation method helps the plant retain its original taste, which may be slightly bitter but not too much. It also has a distinct fresh aroma easily identifiable from the rest of the strains.

It’s produced by experienced farmers

The farmers that grow Vietnamese kratom are experienced and know the ideal time to harvest it, depending on if they want the red, green, or white vein. It takes 1–2 years before the tree is ready. They pick the leaves as they’re about to fall off when the alkaloids are most active.

It’s rare

This kratom is highly sought after due to its desirable effects and thrives in areas that may be challenging to access. It also takes a long time to become harvest-ready, making it a rare variety in the USA. This product isn’t tainted with contaminants or additives, making it clean and pure.

How does Vietnamese kratom make you feel?

The outcomes of using Vietnam kratom may vary between different individuals and depend on the dosage. In low doses, the strain offers increased energy and enhanced concentration. Some users might feel motivated or relaxed enough to do tasks with a clear head. In higher ones, you can expect reduced discomfort and a sense of calmness and relaxation. They’re also reportedly more sedating. 

Where to buy Vietnam kratom

If you’re looking for Vietnam kratom for sale, consider purchasing it online at Kratom Country. We pride ourselves on promoting the holistic well-being of our customers.

At Kratom Country, you get genuine quality Vietnam kratom capsules and powders. When the leaves arrive from local Southeast Asian farmers, they’re tested rigorously. Our products undergo intensive five-stage lab tests in the following ways:

  • Identity confirmation: You get exactly what you order. We confirm the strain through testing to know the exact species and origin.
  • Testing for alkaloids: We ensure that the alkaloids are safe for consumption and within the recommended ranges. 
  • Testing for tainted kratom: We ensure that there are no additives that compromise the quality of the kratom.
  • Testing for toxicity and heavy metals: Heavy metals like lead and mercury can cause serious bodily harm and may enter the Mitragyna speciosa plant through the soil. We ensure all products are free from dangerous metals.
  • Testing for harmful bacteria: We test every batch for the presence of harmful bacteria like salmonella and staphylococcus. 

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