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Yellow or gold kratom isn’t a naturally occurring version of Mitragyna speciosa. It’s a special strain that crosses mature red and white vein kratom leaves to accentuate the best traits of both parent varieties. The resulting hue is a shade of yellow or gold, hence the name.


Discover more about this kratom strain, its benefits, how it came to be, and whether it’s worth trying below.

Understanding yellow kratom

A recommended strain for novice users, yellow vein kratom is typically more balanced than other variants, but equally as potent. Beginners and veterans can easily enjoy its benefits.


The origin of gold kratom has sparked much debate among the plant’s community, leaving many enthusiasts to create their own theories.


Some speculate that farmers pluck the leaves when they’re still young and undeveloped, while others think this strain is a blend of green and white variants. Neither of these beliefs is true in the case of Kratom Country.


gold kratom


Our gold and yellow kratom for sale originates from a unique method of production. It comes from mature white and red vein leaves that are grafted together and then put through a specialized drying process.


The most prominent effects of yellow vein kratom

Yellow varieties combine the best effects of red and white veins and are often referred to by consumers as well-balanced. The herb is sometimes even compared to green vein, as it boasts many similarities. 


Regular users of the yellow variant describe it as the highest-quality kratom. The effects are reportedly longer-lasting and well-rounded.


The ratio of white and red veins isn’t always the same, as breeders can mix their preferred balance of each strain. Since yellow kratom capsule and powder blends aren’t uniform, their effects may differ.


The variant is known for its body-boosting alkaloids like mitragynine, paynantheine, speciogynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. 


Here are the commonly reported effects of yellow vein kratom:


  • Concentration and focus: This variety may help improve focus and aid you in maintaining longer-lasting attention.
  • Enhanced mood: It’s recommended for users seeking an improved mood. This strain could offer feelings of calmness and upliftment and allow you to embrace happiness.
  • Discomfort relief: Golden strains are reportedly used for discomfort relief and may ease headaches and injury complications.
  • Stress relief: It may combat stress and sleeping disorders. This variant allows you to relax and feel at ease.


The minimal recommended dosage is 2–4 grams of kratom powder. Our capsules contain approximately 0.6 grams each, so most users consume 3–5 pills for the desired effects. Those with a higher body mass and tolerance can increase the dose if the full effects aren’t felt.


It’s important to remember that kratom use affects everyone differently. Depending on the dosage amount and alkaloid content, some users experience upliftment and energy, while others enjoy euphoria and sedation.


Gold kratom benefits

Golden kratom reportedly treats the symptoms of several mental and physical conditions. Here are its most common therapeutic benefits:


  • Appetite booster: If you’re suffering from a decreased appetite, this strain may be for you. Its hunger-boosting qualities may assist users facing eating problems and nausea.
  • Stress reliever: Battling daily stress and life’s ups and downs is common for many. Gold kratom powder may help relieve stress and boost your mood, resting in a blissful state of serenity.
  • Discomfort buster: This strain could ease aches, tension, and discomfort, potentially helping you have a better quality of life.
  • Energy booster: It could offer a boost of vitality and upliftment that helps you stay productive and focused.


Yellow kratom vs. white and red kratom

Yellow kratom is formed by blending red and white vein leaves, which means that it has some similar effects and features to its parents.


Let’s take a look at each parent strain’s characteristics:


  • Red: This powerful vein is said to deliver powerful relaxation, calmness, and sedation.
  • White: This potent vein purportedly offers energy, a mood boost, mental stimulation, and focus.


Mixing these two veins results in a kratom strain with the best of both worlds in terms of effects. Enjoy well-balanced sensations and unparalleled potency. The effects of pure gold kratom vary among users based on dose and individual factors.


Gold kratom powder

Kratom powder is the most popular form in western society. Its effects are felt immediately due to it quickly dissolving into your system.


To enjoy your kratom experience, start with a small dose and slowly increase it as your tolerance grows. The recommended amount for beginners is 2–4 grams in a 24-hour cycle. 


Gold kratom capsules

For some consumers, powder use isn’t suitable for their lifestyle, and gold vein kratom capsules provide convenience. 


There’s no need for any measuring utensils with kratom capsules. Simply swallow the pill with your preferred beverage. They’re enclosed with a gelatin or vegetable-based casing, ensuring vegan-friendly products.


Kratom capsules are simply the powdered form encapsulated. As the strain is a hybrid, retailers use their own specific ratios. This practice results in varied potencies among gold kratom pills.


Best yellow kratom strains

There are several different types of golden kratom, and their effects and potency levels may vary. Let’s take a look at some of the popular strains:


  • Gold Bali: A strain believed to be stronger and feature a higher potency than its counterparts. It’s recommended for users needing a mood boost or discomfort relief.
  • Gold Maeng Da: This variant is a favorite among users for its exceptional euphoria-inducing qualities. It’s among the most popular options for kratom enthusiasts.


Where to buy pure gold kratom

Gold or yellow kratom is widely available in the US, as many states permit its use. At Kratom Country, our products undergo a rigorous five-step lab testing process, guaranteeing quality results.


We source our leaves from local SE Asian farmers in small batches and mill them daily. Our pure kratom is made with our customers’ health and well-being as our top priority.

Whether you’re in the market to buy gold kratom capsules and powder or simply interested in learning more about this wonderful plant, we have you covered. Get your yellow and gold capsules and powders from Kratom Country and enjoy fast shipping and premium products.