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Money Back Guarantee

Kratom powder is one of several ways people consume the herb for wellness reasons. Buying the supplement from a reputable vendor like Kratom Country is vital if you want a safe and effective product.


We get our leaves fresh from Southeast Asian farmers and test them for alkaloids, heavy metals, and contaminants. A five-step lab process ensures that our kratom powder is of high quality.

What is kratom powder?

Kratom powder is a natural substance from Mitragyna speciosa, a tree found in Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, natives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam, and Thailand have cultivated the herb for personal consumption. They chew the raw leaves or brew them into tea.


The plant is reported to be a stimulant and produces results similar to opioids. Is the natural substance in powder form more unique than kratom capsules or other types? 


Discover the different strains available below. You’ll also learn about the benefits and effects of kratom powder to decide if it suits your needs.


Powdered kratom effects

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate kratom use, people consume it as a natural alternative to medication. Users claim the herb helps them manage withdrawal symptoms and find relief from physical and psychological conditions.


When taken in low doses, powdered kratom offers a mild stimulant effect and boosts energy and focus. Many use it in place of caffeine and nicotine to avoid their side effects


Some report that the herb enhances sexual arousal. People wanting to lose weight suggest the supplement helps reduce appetite. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the bioactive alkaloids in the plant’s leaves, are responsible for these reactions. 


Exercise caution, as pure kratom powder can be potentially dangerous in higher doses. At such levels, it produces a sedative effect. 


There’s limited evidence on the herb’s safety, prompting the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to call for more research. The federal agency supports scientific studies on narcotic use and addiction.


Top benefits of kratom powder

Potential health benefits of powdered kratom include:


  • Relieving physical conditions: The herb binds to receptors in the central nervous system and delivers relief. Users claim it’s effective for neuropathic discomfort.
  • Uplifting moods and alleviating stress: Kratom naturally inspires motivation, reduces nervousness, and makes users more upbeat. It also relieves melancholy.
  • Increasing vigor: The herb is a recommended treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome as it promotes blood circulation, expedites cell metabolism, and improves energy production. 
  • Enhancing focus: Kratom facilitates acetylcholine release. The neurotransmitter stimulates concentration, discomfort relief, muscle contraction, and endocrine system regulation.
  • Managing blood sugar: The alkaloids may help modulate glucose and blood insulin levels, preventing highs and lows associated with diabetes.


Besides offering excellent benefits, kratom powder is easy to use and versatile. You can make tea or mix it with your favorite beverage. Being able to measure the dosage helps you control how much you consume.


Kratom powder vs. leaves

You can ingest kratom in several forms:


  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Gum
  • Tinctures
  • Extracts


Traditionally, people chewed on the leaves or used them in tea. Is consuming organic kratom powder a better option?


It’s a matter of preference, but there are several differences, like the texture. A kratom leaf is coarse; you may see parts of it when crushed, while grounding the leaves gives you fine powder.


How you use the two types also differs. The powdered form is more versatile, and you can consume it in many ways. Some mix it into a drink, while others use fluids to help them swallow it. It’s also an affordable method to make capsules. 


Adventurous chefs mix kratom leaf powder with food, but it’s challenging to mask the herb’s bitter taste. 


People only use the leaves to make tea, which isn’t an advantage as you can use the powdered form to do the same.


how to use kratom powder


Due to the flexibility kratom powder offers, it’s more user-friendly, making it the preferred choice for many users.


Kratom powder varieties

Like marijuana, there are different kratom strains named after their countries of origin, such as Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia, and Thailand. They’re also categorized based on their leaf vein color.


Before buying kratom powder, it’s vital to understand the available choices and their unique effects.


Exploring the veins

When cultivators harvest kratom leaves, they segregate them based on vein color. The hue depends on age. Red is the most mature, then green and white. The yellow or gold-colored strain results from a mixture of the others.


The drying and fermentation process also affects color. The more light exposure a strain gets, the darker its hue. For example, drying a red vein leaf in a particular way gives you a green or white variety. 


  • Red vein kratom is the most potent strain. It promotes calmness, making it ideal for use before bedtime. 


There are several types of red kratom powder based on their origins, but they provide similar benefits. Strains of this hue are reportedly the most sedative of the three primary veins. Users claim other effects, including discomfort relief, relaxation, and mental calmness.


  • The green vein produces a blissful mind and enhances focus, perfect for people wanting a daytime boost. 


Green kratom offers a blend of the calming and upbeat sensations of the red and white vein varieties. Consumers seek extracts of this hue for their potential to relieve discomfort, boost energy and moods, enhance focus, and induce relaxation.


  • White vein kratom improves well-being and inspires you to seize the day. Newbies should ease into white vein as it’s more robust than the red and green varieties.
  • There are several theories about yellow kratom powder. Some say it comes from blending red, green, and white vein strains, while others claim it results from a unique drying process.


Reports indicate that the product increases focus and attention, improves moods, and relieves nervousness and discomfort symptoms.


  • While red, green, and white vein kratom offers potent effects, combining them into kratom blends takes your experience to another level. Producers mix them according to predetermined ratios to achieve exceptional results.


Best kratom powder strains

Understanding the different kratom strains and their effects is essential when choosing a suitable type.


Maeng Da

Red vein Maeng Da kratom powder is a highly potent variety due to the higher content of the two primary alkaloids. The longer drying process the leaves undergo enhances the volume of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.


One of the best kratom powders, red vein Maeng Da, may help relieve discomfort, uplift moods, and improve cognitive prowess.


The green powder version is a blend of white and green vein kratom. As it may boost motivation, it’s ideal for kickstarting your day or lifting you from an afternoon slump. 


The high-quality and fragrant white Maeng Da is renowned for improving well-being, making it perfect for morning or afternoon use. 


Combining white with a lower red vein content, yellow Maeng Da offers an excellent balance of both strains. The former uplifts while the latter calms and inspires optimism. It’s a potent pick-me-up.



Originating in Kalimantan, Kali green Maeng Da kratom powder is a milder version of the potent strain. Due to its hot and sunny location, the plant naturally develops green, alkaloid-rich leaves. 


Green Kali kratom powder is well-known for its energy and mood-boosting effects.


This high-quality kratom powder produces effects that might stimulate, relieve discomfort and boost moods.



As the name suggests, red Bali kratom powder comes from Borneo. Cultivators don’t use fertilizers or pesticides, thanks to the mineral-rich, volcanic soil where the trees grow. Users report the herb offers stimulating and discomfort-relieving effects.


Green Bali powder is ideal if you’re looking for a natural well-being boost. The strain is perfect for people new to kratom.


Yellow Bali stimulates, boosts moods, and relieves discomfort. Although it energizes, users claim that it helps people with nervousness issues.



The Sunda Islands in Borneo, Southeast Asia, are where some of the finest Mitragyna speciosa trees flourish. The most popular strains among users are white, red, and green Borneo kratom powder varieties. 


It’s known to improve your mood, enhance focus, boost energy and vitality, and relax the body. Although it’s not as potent an analgesic as the red vein strains, it could offer relief for mild discomfort. Consumers also claim to use it for migraines and headaches.



Green Malay kratom powder is another of the best kratom powders as it can survive in harsh environments and its leaves last longer. It has one of the highest alkaloid content among the strains.


Users claim the herb promotes a sense of calmness at lower dosages, but consuming heavier amounts improves cognition and focus. 


Red Malay kratom powder may improve your attitude and increase optimism and confidence, making it suitable for accomplishing productive tasks.



Besides knowing where to buy kratom powder, choosing a suitable one based on its benefits is equally critical. Consumers select red Sumatra kratom powder as it’s a potent relaxant and offers long-lasting effects.


The plant comes from an island in Indonesia, the sixth largest in the world. Some proponents claim that the herb is ideal before bedtime as it calms the mind and promotes deep sleep.


Horned Leaf 

When looking for kratom powder for sale, the name usually indicates the strain’s country of origin. The Horned Leaf variety is unique as it refers to the shape of its leaves with spiky edges resembling horns.


Users report that Horn kratom powder helps them relax and manage discomfort, stress, and bad mood. It also promotes quality sleep.


Red Horn kratom powder potentially relaxes and alleviates your tension, helping you get a good night’s sleep. The rare strain is ideal for unwinding after a long day. 


White Horn kratom powder kratom has a unique alkaloid profile, offering a euphoric aroma that may help people focus and concentrate.


If you want to feel lively and need an energy boost, green Horn kratom is perfect. It’s a pick-me-up with an uplifting and refreshing fragrance. 


Thai kratom powder

Red Thai kratom powder comes from Thailand. It’s ideal for unwinding or meditating due to its reported calming and relaxing effects. Depending on the dose, it may also deliver an energy boost.


Another product from the “Land of Smiles” is white Thai kratom. It’s one of the most potent strains with similar hues as it contains more alkaloids, which may be responsible for its stimulating effects. It’s a suitable choice if you need an energy boost.


White kratom powder

If you’re looking for vigor to get you started in the morning, white vein kratom powder is ideal. It’s potent due to being 100% pure kratom powder, with no adulterants or fillers. Users claim the herb uplifts them and instills optimism.


Vietnam kratom powder

Vietnam kratom powder blends red and green vein strains, resulting in a soothing fragrance. The extracts come from plants grown predominantly in the An Giang Province and the Mekong River, where the soil is mineral-rich. 


Due to its mixed genetics, consumers report a balanced experience of a boost in energy and a calming effect. This variety also potentially provides discomfort relief and lifts your mood. 


Green Vietnam kratom is an excellent product if you want a well-balanced experience. Although it potentially offers mood enhancement, and stimulation, the effects are milder.


Reasons to buy kratom powder at Kratom Country

Purchase kratom powder from a trusted source like Kratom Country in states where the plant is legal. You can rest assured that you’re getting quality products that are safe, pure, and effective for the following reasons:


  • We select mature leaves that undergo a time-tested drying process to preserve the alkaloids. We buy them in small, regular batches to ensure the product is fresh.
  • Upon receiving the supply, we test them for contaminants and pesticides. Our lab-tested kratom undergoes a five-step process confirming the origins and tests for alkaloids, contaminants, heavy metals, and biological safety.
  • We mill small batches of leaves daily and pack them immediately for shipping, so you get freshly ground premium kratom powder.
  • You don’t risk anything as all our products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Enroll in our rewards program to earn points for discounts and free items.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • If you want cheap kratom powder, buy in bulk and save money. Look out for our weekly deals and exclusive monthly offers.

We recommend newbies start with the smallest kratom powder packet to get the feel of its aroma and effects. You may also choose our kratom powder variety pack to sample several types.