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White kratom profile

Kratom comes from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. It’s native to several countries, inducing Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar, where it plays a significant role in herbal medicine. Now it’s making its way westward thanks to retailers such as ourselves. 

Mitragyna speciosa leaves have green blades, but the veins start white, turn green, and eventually become red. Chemical reactions happen inside the leaf as it ages, causing delicate shifts in alkaloid contents and aromas. As a result, color isn’t all about looks. It indicates the plant’s maturity and alkaloid contents at harvest time. White vein kratom consists of leaves in their earliest harvestable state, which shows in its chemical makeup.

Kratom contains two active compounds: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The former has heady effects, while the latter has a pronounced physical influence. White varieties have the highest ratio of mitragynine to 7-hydroxymitragynine. As a result, they tend to be more stimulating than their mature cousins.


white vein kratom


What are white vein kratom effects?

White leaf kratom is potent and has dynamic, rejuvenating, and uplifting effects. People associate it with increased energy levels, better moods, and mental stimulation.

Besides the dose, the effects vary with your consumption method, body weight, and tolerance. It’s an individual experience, but most people report the following: 

  • Increased energy and alertness at low doses.
  • Better mood and easier sociability at moderate doses.
  • Euphoric mental sensations at high doses.  

White kratom vs. red vs. green

White vein kratom will feel novel and unique if you’re used to red or green strains. Let’s compare them to see how leaf color affects the experience. Red kratom is a potent and well-known sedative. It consists of very mature leaves and has the highest 7-hydroxymitragynine levels, so it’s the perfect contrast to white strains.

To most users, red kratom feels mellow when compared to white. It’s a very slight stimulant and has predominantly physical effects. Low doses may help you stay calm in stressful times, while higher amounts might provide sleep aid.

Green kratom is the moderate road option between white and red. We harvest it in the middle of the tree’s life cycle to get a hybrid effect profile. The levels of the two alkaloids are balanced. 

Seeking premium white kratom? Leave it to Kratom Country

Are you ready to buy white kratom and experience its power first-hand? Look no further than Kratom Country.mOur organic kratom meets all relevant safety standards for a clean, secure, and enjoyable experience. We import the leaves from Southeast Asian farmers and abide by strict third-party testing to ensure optimal quality. 

Instead of buying in bulk, we regularly import small leaf batches. We send them to a strict five-step testing process to ensure they’re free of contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. Processing happens in the US, and you get an ultra-fresh product with intact alkaloid contents.

Buy your pills, powder, or leaves today. Join millions of Americans in exploring kratom’s energizing and uplifting. Why not also sign up for our mailing list and loyalty program for additional rewards and discounts?


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