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Cryo Kratom Gold Extract

2.5x higher potency
Superior absorption
Highest purity standards

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Kratom Type Kratom Extract
Kratom Strain Red & Green Vein
Short Name Cryo Kratom Gold Extract
Ingredients Kratom, Purified Water, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and EDTA (to protect freshness)

Introducing Cryo Kratom Gold Extract: Elevate Your Kratom Experience

Are you tired of the same old Kratom products that lack the potency and purity you deserve? Cryo Kratom Gold Extract is here to revolutionize your Kratom journey.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to the highest quality standards, our Kratom shot is unlike any other on the market.

The Power of Cryo Kratom Gold Extract

  • Unparalleled Potency: While most Kratom products contain a mere 8 mg per 1ml, our advanced formula delivers an astonishing 28.6 mg per 1ml. Experience a level of potency that even the most seasoned Kratom enthusiasts will find remarkable.
  • Rapid Relief: Say goodbye to waiting for pills or powders to take effect. With Cryo Kratom, you'll feel a wave of ease wash over you almost instantly, providing relief from anxiety, pain, and sleep issues.
  • Exceptional Taste: Unlike the bitterness associated with other Kratom products, Cryo Kratom Gold Extract boasts a flavor profile that sets a new standard for palatability. Enjoy your Kratom without the unpleasant aftertaste.

Why Choose Cryo Kratom shot Over Competitors

    • Superior Design: Unlike competitors, whose plastic bottles shroud their Kratom shot in mystery, Cryo Kratom has chosen a transparent ampoule design. This decision isn't just about aesthetics; it's about building trust. We want our valued customers to see the quality and purity of our liquid extract for themselves. When you choose Cryo Kratom, you're choosing transparency, confidence, and an exceptional Kratom experience.
    • Highest Purity & Potency: Cryo Kratom proudly occupies a prominent position as one of the world's most potent and pure Kratom shots available within the US market. Our commitment to quality, purity, and transparency sets us apart from the competition.
Other Kratom Extracts Cryo Kratom Gold Extract
❌ Can contain bacteria and heavy metals ✅ Cryo Kratom Gold Extract is sterilized to remove impurities, heavy metal and bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella
❌ 8mg per 1ml is the industry average concentration of mitragynine ✅ 2.5x higher potency: 28.6mg per 1ml is one of the highest concentration of mitragynine in liquid form
❌ Bitter and unpleasant aftertaste ✅ Exceptional taste without bitterness
❌ Plastic bottles that hides the content inside ✅ Transparent ampoule design so you can see the purity of our liquid extract

Experience the Future of Kratom with Cryo Kratom Gold Extract

Say goodbye to subpar Kratom experiences and welcome the future with Cryo Kratom Gold Extract. Elevate your Kratom journey with the purest, most potent
kratom drink shot available.
Your path to a more potent and pure Kratom experience starts here with Cryo Kratom.

Remember to use responsibly and never exceed one serving in 24 hours.

Instructions for usage

  1. Carefully review the instructions for opening the ampoule.
  2. Gently tap the neck of the ampoule while holding it upright to ensure that any liquid in the head space settles in the body section.
  3. Firmly grip the ampoule’s head with your thumb and index finger on one hand, while holding the bottom of the ampoule with the other hand.
  4. Snap open the ampoule quickly by moving your hand holding the head of the ampoule away from you. NOTE: If the ampoule does not snap easily, try rotating it slightly and attempt again.
  5. Pour desired amount of the liquid from the ampoule into your preferred drink or beverage. Avoid touching the top of the ampoule after opening, as it may be sharp.
DISCLAIMER: remember to use responsibly and never exceed one serving in 24 hours.

FAQs about Cryo Kratom shot

1. How many ml are in a serving/ampoule?

One ampule = 7 Milliliters.


2. How do I properly store Cryo Kratom?

Store your ampoules in a cool and dry place.

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Excellent product ,
5/ 5stars
It's a bit bitter, but I love the fast acting boost of energy it gives. Great for anxiety too!
Despite the difficulty in opening ,
4/ 5stars
Despite the difficulty in opening it it's a decent extract. I took it in a single dose and would recommend the other extracts available over it. One thing is absolute though, it's pure.
You get what you pay for ,
5/ 5stars
Great stuff! Price is steep for some of us but the quality is undeniable.
Bitter but effective ,
4/ 5stars
Bitter but effective
Product is great but way ,
5/ 5stars
Product is great but way to EXPENSIVE SO COST PROHIBITIVE. Also once open hard to only use part of the vile since no cap etc.
Excellent…I’m very pleased. ,
5/ 5stars
Excellent…I’m very pleased.
A little late this time ,
5/ 5stars
I haven't gotten it yet. This is the first time shipping has taken over a week and a half. This stuff is always top teir.
Gave me more energy ,
5/ 5stars
Gave me more energy without the jitters I get when I drink too much coffee.
5/ 5stars
This is a great product it really relaxed me and helped my aches and pains.
Excellent Results ,
5/ 5stars
Excellent Results
Surprisingly Excellent ,
5/ 5stars
I used a half of one ampoule and it gave me pain relief for 12 hours and I was honestly very surprised by this. I deal with assorted nerve pain a year later since my cervical spine surgery (diminishing as time passes thankfully), this extract is more effective and potent in duration than the white kratom capsules I use (and still like)--both types are much more gentle in their pain relief (at least for me) with no negative side-effects.
It was good but to ,
4/ 5stars
It was good but to expensive! Not worth it for the price in my opinion.
Good Stuff ,
3/ 5stars
Product works great. It’s just expensive for one dose.
Great ,
5/ 5stars
Good stuff ,
4/ 5stars
Kratom country got that good stuff that good stuff that good stuff!
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