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Vietnam Kratom Capsules

Kratom CapsulesRed & Green Vein
4.63 star rating 38 Reviews
Platinum Blend
Approx. 48 caps/ounce
Size 00 / .6 gram cap
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INGREDIENTS: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)
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As kratom becomes more popular worldwide, western consumers are gaining access to a greater variety of strains. Vietnam kratom capsules contain a blend of two of the finest cultivars on the market.

The green and red Vietnam varieties hail from the An Giang province along the Mekong River. The region’s rich, fertile soil and frequent seasonal rainfall create the prime growing environment for superb-grade plants.

Our quality blend of these two strains strikes the perfect balance of uplifting and calming effects. You won’t want to miss out on this sensational kratom experience.

What are Vietnamese kratom capsules?

The Vietnam kratom powder these capsules contain has gained popularity thanks to its impressive benefit range. It offers discomfort relief to invigorating boosts or relaxation that satisfy even the pickiest wellness enthusiasts.

This strain is also unique because of its origins. Vietnamese farmers utilize the Mekong River’s abundant minerals to nourish their trees and cultivate healthy, alkaloid-packed plants. 

These growers also practice enhanced harvesting and drying skills, producing leaves with a distinct scent and a sweeter flavor profile. These pleasant attributes make Vietnam kratom easier for consumers to ingest.

Vietnam kratom contains more than 40 different alkaloids, with mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in the highest concentrations. These compounds have powerful advantages for the mind and body.

We fill our capsules with 0.6 grams of powdered supplement, making it easy to consume your optimal dose. These options eliminate tedious measuring and are more discreet to ingest in public spaces.

The added gelatin barrier between the powder and the environment ensures your botanical stays fresh for as long as possible.

Consuming kratom in capsule form might delay the onset of the supplement’s effects. The coating dissolves in around 15 minutes, after which the benefits start.


The health advantages of Vietnam kratom capsules

Vietnam kratom capsules contain an ideal blend of the red and green vein varieties. Each color provides different health benefits, mixed into a harmonious combination to highlight the plant’s best advantages.

The red vein kratom cultivar is one of the most potent Vietnam strains. The scarlet color of the venation indicates the leaves have reached maturity and shows the plant produces strong effects.

Green vein kratom is well-known for its uplifting properties that prepare you to tackle your day.

Users rave that our fusion of these two kratom types provides the following long-lasting health-boosting properties: 

  • Mood-booster: The cultivars supposedly function as prescribed medications do in the brain, altering neurotransmitter activity. Their mood-lifting qualities boost the user’s outlook and stimulate the mind.
  • Soothes nervousness: Some consumers report this combination is one of the best herbal remedies for calming worries. Its relaxing effects discharge tension and steady the body to put the user at ease. The two Vietnamese strains’ nervousness-soothing capabilities are similar to red Bali kratom capsules.
  • Effective discomfort reliever: Studies show the alkaloids in the supplement block pain signals from the central nervous system to ease discomfort. The botanical can reportedly help with muscle, or nerve aches.
  • Insomnia: Users struggling to achieve quality sleep could benefit from ingesting the herb before bedtime. Our Vietnam kratom mixture reportedly helps consumers wake up refreshed and rested without any hangover effects.


The most prominent effects of Vietnam kratom pills

Vietnam kratom capsules provide pleasant, long-lasting effects. This extended duration is advantageous when consuming kratom for energy and euphoria, as users can enjoy the benefits for longer before redosing.

Even first-time users can enjoy the following results after ingesting our platinum Vietnamese kratom blend:

  • Mental stimulation: Users claim the supplement promotes just the right amount of alertness without being overpowering. It induces euphoric feelings and fills your day with positivity.
  • Boosts energy: The botanical kick starts your brain into a task, leaving you ready to face your next challenge. Fans of this blend believe its pick-me-up potential is better than a morning cup of coffee.
  • Induces calmness: Consuming this strain soothes your nerves and surrounds you with a sense of peace. Vietnam lovers claim our combination also acts as a sedative in higher quantities.

As the effects you experience depend on the amount of kratom you consume, ensure to adjust your dosages accordingly.

For increased energy, focus, and mild discomfort relief, ingest low quantities of approximately 2–8 capsules.

Should you require stronger ache alleviation or relaxation, stay within a range of 8–20 pills. Don’t exceed this dose in 24 hours.


The best place to buy Vietnam kratom capsules

Are you searching for the best place to buy products for your supplement routine? Kratom Country is the premier store for fresh, pure kratom in your preferred strains and colors.

We’re serious about the quality of our herbs and keeping our customers safe. All our kratom is lab-tested in a five-step process that involves:

  1. Confirming the species, strain, and origin of our leaves.
  2. Identifying the alkaloids present and ensuring they aren’t unnaturally enhanced.
  3. Testing for the presence of other supplements to guarantee purity.
  4. Conducting heavy metal analyses to confirm these compounds are within the recommended range.
  5. Ensuring the product is free of microbes, including Salmonella and E. coli.

After receiving your kratom, look for the batch ID sticker that ensures the supplement meets our exceptional quality standards.

Buy natural kratom from our store today to discover how the botanical’s therapeutic benefits could enhance your wellness.

More Information
Short Name Vietnam Kratom Capsules
Kratom Type Kratom Capsules
Kratom Strain Red & Green Vein
Ingredients Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

Does not apply to Cryo Kratom Gold Extract

Bag Size Total Grams # of Caps
1 Ounce 28 Grams 48 Caps
2 Ounces 56 Grams 96 Caps
4 Ounces 112 Grams 192 Caps
8 Ounce + 1 Free  255 Grams 432 Caps
16 Ounce + 2 Free 510 Grams 864 Caps
32 Ounce + 4 Free 1020 Grams 1728 Caps

Frequently Asked Capsules Questions

What is the capsule size?
Size 00 gel caps

How many capsules per once?
Approx. 48 capsules

What is the capsule amount?
Approx. .6 grams


Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

How soon after I place my order will it ship?
Orders placed before 3pm (PST) will ship same day Monday thru Friday. (we are closed weekends)

Can I call my order in?
Yes, please call 877-300-4668

Do you offer Bulk Powder?
Yes, we offer up to multiples of 36 ounces (2.2 lbs / 1 Kg)

Will I receive a tracking number?
Yes, once your order has shipped we will email it to you. If you do not receive it please double check your “spam mail” folder.

What are your customer service hours?
Mon-Fri | 9am – 3pm (PST)

When will orders placed on weekends ship?
Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will ship the following Monday or the next business day after a holiday.

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Excellent Suppliers and quality. Been using there products now for a couple years. Excellent.
Great green red combo ,
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Enjoyable mix
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Good for some people but not for me.
5/ 5stars
Purchase was simple enough, delivery was outstanding. Thank you so much
great ,
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Clean fast energy ,
5/ 5stars
Great product! The capsules are a great alternative to my usual routine. This strain will definitely get you moving, without being too racy. Another fine product from KC.
Great product. Thanks kratom country. ,
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Great product. Thanks kratom
Great ,
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One of my favorite blends. I use it in my morning routine to get me going daily!
Works well, got here fast. ,
5/ 5stars
Works well, got here fast.
It is just okay no ,
3/ 5stars
It is just okay no better or worse than the others.
Vietnam kratom ,
5/ 5stars
Excellent pain relief. ,
5/ 5stars
Excellent pain relief.
Vietnam kratom ,
3/ 5stars
Not impressed it made me sluggish and tired. Upset my stomach..
Excellent ,
5/ 5stars
Excellent suppliers. With great product.
Excellent ,
5/ 5stars
New customer. Very happy with the product and company. Will return.
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