How to take kratom powder

How to take kratom powder


What is kratom powder? Comparing kratom powder and other forms How to take kratom powder Take kratom easily

Some prefer ingesting it in powder form, while others mix it with food or beverage to avoid the bitter taste. The good thing about kratom is its versatility. Mitragyna speciosa is available in different forms, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you.

What is kratom powder?

The most commonly available form of kratom is powder. Buy it at local and online stores, or make it yourself by crushing dried leaves. 

Purchasing online is the best option, as you can choose between different strains. Most vendors offer lab-tested kratom powder that’s free of contaminants and fillers.

There are numerous methods of taking kratom powder, including making tea or capsules. It’s long-lasting and provides a quick way to feel the effects of this herb.

Before consuming this substance, invest in a digital scale to measure the correct dosage. If you’re a novice user, start by ingesting a low amount and gradually increase it as your body adjusts.

Comparing kratom powder and other forms

Before we explore the best way to take kratom powder, let’s discuss the various forms available on the market. 


Kratom shots vs. powder

Are you looking for an innovative way to consume this substance? Try kratom shots. Herb sellers mix liquid extract, water, and natural flavors to make them. They’re available in small bottles at local and online health stores.

Between kratom shots and powder, which kicks in faster? The former has a higher concentration of alkaloids, making it more potent. Shots also have a faster absorption rate, meaning their effects hit faster than raw powder.


Kratom oil vs. powder

The industry is continually witnessing the innovation of new goods. Kratom oil consists of concentrated alkaloids infused into a lubricated base. This combination creates a powerful product that you can take sublingually. 

How does kratom oil vs. powder compare? The former is more potent, making it an ideal choice for medical users. The body absorbs oils faster and more effectively than solids.


how to take kratom


Kratom capsules vs. powder

Most vendors sell capsules in different sizes. You can also buy empty pills and fill them with powder at home. 

They provide an easy way to consume this herb without experiencing its earthy bitter taste. The advantages of kratom pills include the following: 

  • Capsules are more portable.
  • They come in various sizes, making it easy to measure the dosage.
  • They’re long-lasting and easy to store.

The only downside to kratom pills is that they’re typically more expensive, while filling them yourself at home is tedious and time-consuming.

How to take kratom powder

This plant offers a plethora of benefits, including relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and inducing euphoria. Reap these advantages by using kratom powder in the following ways:

Toss and wash 

This method involves tossing a measured amount of kratom powder into your mouth, then washing it down with a beverage. The best drink is orange juice, which removes the bitter taste. 

Herb enthusiasts have used this cheap and effective method for ages. It’s ideal for people who don’t mind the taste of kratom. Take care while using this technique to avoid choking or tossing too much powder into your mouth. 


how to take kratom



One of the easiest ways to take kratom powder is through capsules. The tablet material can be animal or plant-derived.

Gelatin capsules are cheap, while vegetable ones are more expensive and ideal for vegans or people with allergies. Before taking your pill, check its size and the amount of kratom it contains to determine the correct dosage.

Swallow one pill at a time to avoid choking, then wait for the effects to kick in. The human body takes more time to absorb capsules.



Taking kratom powder is easier when you mix it with a beverage. The most straightforward and economical way to drink kratom powder is by dissolving it in water. It makes swallowing more effortless, but you might still taste the earthy flavor.

Kratom powder doesn’t dissolve entirely in water, occasionally leading to wastage as some powder remains at the bottom. Use warm water to improve the diffusion.

You can also mix kratom with beverages like citrus juice. The properties activate the substance, making the effects kick in faster. If you want to avoid the bitter taste, add sweeteners like sugar. 


Kratom Tea

Another common way of consuming kratom powder is by brewing it into tea. To make it, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Heat some water, but don’t boil it. 
  2. Add the desired amount of powder to the hot water. 
  3. Stir vigorously to ensure most of the powder diffuses into the water. 
  4. Strain the mixture into another container to remove any undissolved particles.
  5. Add sweeteners like honey and drink while hot. 


how to take kratom



Kratom is a versatile herb you can include in your food and drink to enjoy its benefits. Avoid baking or cooking it since it loses its potency.

One of the best ways to eat kratom powder is by mixing it with your favorite meals. Some items that go well with the herb include pudding, oatmeal, and yogurt. 

The powder might not work well with certain types of food, especially if you add it in excess. Start by introducing low amounts until you achieve the desired results. 

Take kratom easily

We hope you’ve found the best way to take kratom powder from our discussed methods. Are you wondering where to get this herb? Buy kratom products from our online store and enjoy exclusive deals on powder and capsules.

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