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Kratom shelf life: How long does kratom stay fresh?

Kratom shelf life: How long does kratom stay fresh?

Kratom Shelf Life


Kratom shelf life is a tricky topic in the West. This medicinal plant has been the staple in Southeast Asia for centuries, but we’ve only recently caught up and started exploring its capabilities. 


If you want to stay budget-conscious by buying in bulk, you face quite a conundrum. Buyers and vendors aren’t 100% effective on keeping their products fresh, resulting in reduced potency and wasted potential.


We’re here to help. Join us as we explore the shelf life of kratom and share handy freshness-extending tips.


How long is the shelf life of kratom?

Before diving into the deets and pro tips, let’s get the basics out of the way. What is the shelf life of kratom, can it go bad, and what happens past that expiration date?


First, we must explain a bit of chemistry. Kratom contains over 20 identifiable alkaloids, compounds that cause its benefits for your body. The levels of these chemicals are always the highest after removing the leaves from a kratom tree. After that, time causes them to degrade.


Can kratom expire? Not really, and it doesn’t become dangerous even as the chemicals break down. It only loses its efficacy with time.


When buying from reliable suppliers of kratom powder, shelf life is usually up to three months after grinding the leaves. The product starts dropping in potency past the 12-week mark.


Proper storage can extend kratom shelf life, though, keeping the substance fresh for up to a year.


Kratom Shelf Life


Which factors can make kratom go bad?

Kratom is an organic product with an intricate inner structure. Certain outside elements induce molecular-level changes that alter the aroma, effects, and beneficial properties.


What factors influence the shelf life of kratom, then? 


Time is the number one factor that impacts kratom shelf life. Once the leaves are no longer attached to the tree, the alkaloid contents start breaking down. This process lasts for quite a while, but the following three factors speed up deterioration.


Ultraviolet light

UV light sources (including the sunlight) deteriorate organic products, reducing kratom shelf life. Direct exposure breaks down the stable alkaloids, while light passing through transparent glass facilitates chemical deterioration.


As soon as you’re done using your product, remove it from direct sunlight. When it comes to storage, choose opaque containers and leave them in a spot that receives little to no light.



Oxygen is yet another ever-present element that poses a threat to kratom powder shelf life. The powder loses some of its beneficial properties when it starts oxidizing, and it significantly drops in potency. For you, this looks like a loss of color and fading smell.


Air-tight kratom storage reduces the rate of oxidation.



Dried kratom powder is the breeding ground for mold, which can ruin an entire batch. Make sure that no droplet of liquid touches your product.


While storing, you want to choose spots where humidity remains pretty low. Avoid bathrooms and washrooms at all costs to extend the shelf life of kratom.


6 kratom storage tips to extend shelf life

Now that you know how long the kratom shelf life is, let’s discuss ways to keep your products fresh and powerful for longer.


All it takes is the right set of conditions that minimizes deterioration. Follow these five pointers to extend the kratom shelf life in your home.


Kratom Shelf Life


Get fresh products

No matter whether you’re buying powder, tea, or kratom tincture, the shelf life starts counting from the production day, not the date of purchase. The fresher you buy, the less damage the active substances already suffered.


Purchase from manufacturers or vendors that get the product straight from the source as time in shipping already influences its duration. Packaging and repackaging also cause exposure to pathogens, moisture, and sunlight.


To be safe, buy from online vendors that specialize in kratom. They likely get products directly from manufacturers rather than go-betweens. They also pay more attention to kratom packaging and other aspects that can affect the kratom shelf life.


Note: If you’re buying a fresh kratom batch, never mix old and new products. Keep your new kratom bags sealed until you finish what you have.


Pick the right product type

Kratom powder is the way to go for most people, but alternative products could make your bulk purchase last for longer. The following types are available on the market:


  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom tea
  • Kratom tincture


For instance, kratom tea shelf life is much the same as powder. Freezing it after brewing can make the substance last indefinitely in the freezer.


What is the shelf life of kratom tablets? That depends on the supplier and storage. Purchase from reliable sources and store capsules in a dark spot, and they can last for well over a year without deteriorating.


You can take things even further. When combined with high-proof alcohol and stored in brown glass bottles, kratom tincture shelf life is easily a couple of years.


Note: The tips below mostly apply to powder, but you can follow the same principles no matter your preferred product.


Purchase proper storage equipment

One of the most important ways to prolong kratom shelf life is proper storage. Here, you have two main ways to store it—short-term (up to six months) and long-term (up to a year). Either way, you’re aiming to minimize the amount of oxygen your powder comes in contact with.


For one, keep your product in its original packaging by the time you start using it. That way, you avoid reducing kratom shelf life by repackaging earlier than necessary.


Kratom Shelf Life


If storing for up to six months, air-tight jars and containers are the way to go. Make sure that there’s a seal on the lid to prevent oxidation. Zipper bags also work well for this purpose.


Longer-term storage is the safest with vacuum bags. Draw out any air to prevent as much oxidative damage as possible.


Choose the right storage space

Now that you have your quality storage, it’s time to leave it somewhere ideal for prolonging kratom shelf life. Choose a place that is:


  • Dark: Jars with opaque glass are great, but this benefit doubles when you choose a drawer that you rarely open.
  • Cold: Condensation can occur with heat, and higher temperatures on their own might speed up degradation.
  • Dry: High levels of moisture in the air can cause mold issues.


Avoid bathrooms, washrooms, and even kitchen cupboard storage. Ideally, you’ll pick a garage or a spare room


Use dry utensils

Once you open a kratom bag, you’ll need to scoop out the product to use it. Don’t pick up a spoon straight out from the washer for the job. Instead, always use bone dry utensils.


Even the tiniest amount of moisture can transfer to the rest of the product. The drop triggers mold development and ruins the batch, effectively reducing the kratom shelf life.


Never freeze it

Some products last for much longer when frozen, but kratom isn’t one of those. Why is freezing kratom a bad idea?


When thawing your frozen product, condensation will seep into the powder, dramatically reducing the kratom shelf life.


Kratom storage for year-long freshness

We hope that this overview answered the question—how long is the shelf life of kratom? The figure can be as low as three months, but you can stretch its usability for much longer.


Keep the following tips in mind:


  • Buy fresh products that haven’t seen several repackagings
  • Use proper storage equipment
  • Store your containers in the right place
  • Choose capsules and tinctures for multi-year storage


All you need to do next is examine your product for any strange odors, discoloration, and mold. As long as you’ve followed our kratom storage for shelf life tips and nothing seems off, your product is 100% safe for any intended use.

Get fresh products at Kratom Country, and stay tuned to our blog for more useful guides.