How Ginger Enhances Kratom’s Benefits

How Ginger Enhances Kratom’s Benefits

If you want a unique way to consume some kratom, you might have thought about mixing ginger and kratom as a tea. As this page will break down, this is a great means of kratom potentiation by aiding your digestion with the natural effects of ginger, adding some extra flavor to your tea, as well as an overall boost to kratom’s benefits. 

Synergistic Effects of Kratom and Ginger

Adding in the potential benefits of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-ohm found in everybody’s favorite red or green powder with the many well-known benefits of ginger [1] can create a powerful product. Here are some of the possible effects of mixing ginger into your tea. 

  • Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Alleviate Nausea
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antioxidant Effects
  • Energizing Effects
  • Libido Enhancement
  • Constipation Relief

Of course, both of these products are natural and don’t contain any sort of strange chemical add-ons, including illicit opioids that may be dangerous for your health. You can also mix kratom extracts 

Practical Tips for Combining Kratom with Ginger

Mixing kratom and ginger is generally pretty straightforward. You put both of them together and consume them. If you need some extra advice before trying this out for the first time, here are some tips to keep in mind before trying this out for the first time. 

  • Ask Your Doctor: If you are new to these products, it is best to first go to your doctor and get their advice on what is best for your health. 
  • Mix In Your Favorite Tea: To add a nice boost of flavor, try adding in some flavors like cinnamon, apple, lemon, honey, or whatever you think would be best! 
  • Start With Small Doses: To avoid any adverse kratom side effects, the right dosage management and having the right dosage is important. Start small. 
  • Try Fermented Ginger: Fermented ginger adds an extra kick to your brew. You might also consider getting powdered ginger. 

Common Concerns

As with any sort of new experience, there are potential side effects and issues that may not be foreseen. However, most people who mix ginger into their brew notice that it alleviates potentially problematic side effects. 

That said, here are some potential concerns to keep in mind:  

  • Heavy use can add unwanted kratom tolerance 
  • Can be dangerous if mixed with illicit opioids 
  • Better taste can make it easier to abuse

For best results, consume in moderation. This is generally the best rule of thumb with any sort of substance. In addition, always keep the opinion of medical professionals in mind before consuming products like these ones.

FAQs on Ginger and Kratom

Can Ginger and Kratom Be Used Daily? 

Generally, these products can be used daily if they are used in very small doses. In fact, this may be part of your balanced diet that includes many healthy products and foods in addition to these. Just keep in mind that daily use can contribute to possible dependence and addiction. 

Does Ginger Assist with Kratom Tolerance?

Using this product frequently tends to produce higher levels of tolerance - regardless of whether or not it is mixed with ginger. The best way to get rid of tolerance will always be to take a break. 

Therefore, it is a good general rule of thumb that whenever you take this product you are also contributing to a higher tolerance and that higher doses will be needed in the future to achieve the same effects as the same previous dose. 

Why Should You Mix Ginger & Kratom? 

Many potential benefits come with the consumption of ginger. If you are already a fan of the benefits you get from kratom, adding some ginger to the mix can be a great way to add some extra help - such as digestive assistance. 

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