Kratom capsules vs. toss and wash

Kratom capsules vs. toss and wash


What does “toss and wash” mean? Understanding kratom capsules” mean? Comparing kratom capsules vs. toss and wash Select one and enjoy

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, may offer a range of health benefits. You can consume this herb in various ways to feel the mental and physical effects. Let’s look at the two most common methods: kratom capsules and toss and wash.


What does “toss and wash” mean?

Before discussing kratom capsules vs. toss and wash, it’s essential to understand what both terms mean.

Tossing means putting powder into your mouth, while washing refers to using a drink to help swallow the herb. Hence the name.

Since pure leaf kratom can taste bitter, many wash it down with a sweet beverage like a juice or smoothie. If you don’t mind the taste, opt for plain water. Using carbonated drinks isn’t recommended, as the bubbles might make the herb hard to swallow.

Follow these simple steps to take kratom powder using the toss and wash method:

  • Use a weighing scale to measure your dosage.
  • Prepare your ideal “washing” beverage.
  • Pour the measured herb into a spoon, then “toss” it into your mouth.
  • Take one or two sips of the beverage to facilitate swallowing.
  • Wash the substance down your throat with more liquid as necessary.


kratom toss and wash



Understanding kratom capsules

Kratom capsules come in different types, depending on their outer material. The most common are: 

  • Veggie capsules: This material is purely based on plant by-products like cellulose, making them vegan-friendly. They have a quick absorption rate.
  • Gelatin capsules: These pills are more common and cheaper. They contain animal by-products like collagen, and some users might be allergic to them.

Kratom vendors pack capsules in different proportions, like standard size “00”, containing about 0.02 oz. of powder. Depending on your tolerance and intake time, the effects can take about 15–60 minutes to kick in.

Swallow kratom pills 45 minutes before a meal or about two hours after eating. If you’re full, the body takes longer to digest and absorb the capsules. The herb’s effects can last up to six hours. It’s essential to know your proper dosage to avoid any adverse reactions. 


kratom capsules



Comparing kratom capsules vs. toss and wash

You can ingest Mitragyna speciosa in different ways, from kratom tea to capsules and powders. Though the choice depends on your preferences, it's essential to understand the pros and cons of each method.

Let’s compare the various kratom ingestion methods and their positives and negatives.


Kratom pills

Most kratom vendors sell pills, offering easier ingestion without the bitter taste. The capsules are available in different dosages, ranging from 0.01–0.07 oz. per tablet.

You can use pure leaf kratom powder to make capsules or buy them pre-made from a vendor. Many consumers believe pills offer more advantages than the toss and wash method.

Here are some reasons why consuming capsules might be better:

  • They provide an easier and faster way of ingesting kratom.
  • There’s no need to measure as the capsules have labeled dosages.
  • They don’t have the bitter taste and earthy odor of kratom.
  • They’re easy to store and carry compared to powder.

The downsides of kratom capsules include the following: 

  • The effects take longer to kick in compared to powder.
  • Capsules are more expensive than powder since they require extra steps and materials.


Kratom capsules vs. toss and wash


Toss and wash

People use Mitragyna speciosa for medicinal and recreational purposes. Tossing and washing can help you get the maximum alkaloids that kratom offers. 

Absorbing a high number of these compounds makes the effects more potent. Due to this factor, most people looking for maximum kratom benefits use this ingestion method.

The toss and wash technique gives users the following advantages:

  • The body absorbs kratom faster than capsules.
  • It’s cheaper to buy powder than pills.

Many users prefer swallowing tablets when comparing kratom capsules vs. toss and wash. Here’s why:

  • The powder might choke you during the tossing part.
  • Kratom has an acquired taste.
  • Tossing can be expensive and time-consuming, as using a weighing scale is the only way to measure the correct dosage.
  • You might incur losses due to powder spillages when measuring.


Alternatives to kratom capsules and toss and wash

Besides these two methods, you can also chew kratom leaf or brew it into tea. If you dislike capsules, these might work for you.

Traditionally, people chewed fresh foliage to enjoy the full effects of this plant. Between kratom powder vs. leaf, which is better? 

Since you’re consuming the herb directly, the effects may kick in faster and last longer. The downside is that the bitter taste is strong, and the plant matter might react negatively to your stomach.

The other alternative is to make a tea by mixing the powder with hot water. Stir it vigorously for the substance to diffuse, then drink. This method makes it easier to swallow kratom. You can also reduce the bitter taste by adding sweeteners like honey or sugar.

To distinguish between kratom powder vs. tea, let’s check out the disadvantages of consuming the latter: 

  • It might be less potent since not all alkaloids are released into the hot water.
  • It might not be effective enough to deliver feelings of euphoria or assist with pain relief.



Select one and enjoy

Are you looking for the best way to consume kratom? Choose from chewing on a fresh leaf, ingesting it as powder, brewing tea, or swallowing capsules. Pick the method that suits you best and enjoy the medicinal and recreational benefits of this South East Asian herb.

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