L-Theanine and Kratom Combination: What You Should Know

L-Theanine and Kratom Combination: What You Should Know


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If you start to get sick of the kratom taste and aroma, one common thing that kratom users might do is try to combine green or black tea with kratom to dilute the taste. When done with lower amounts of powder, it can boost your kratom tolerance too.

Not to mention, you can also receive the benefits of l-theanine when you do this - which is an ingredient often inside green tea and black tea. Whether cognitive enhancement, altering the taste and smell, or just finding new ways to consume more green tea is your motive, know that it is safe to mix l-theanine and kratom.

On this page, we will cover all that you need to know on this topic.

What is L-Theanine?

L-theanine is a cognitive enhancement tool and an amino acid known for things like helping you handle stress, boost your mood, and even to help you have normal sleep cycles [1]. It is often found in many types of teas.

In comparison, kratom contains alkaloids like mitragynine which are known for similar effects of helping handle stress, boosting your mood, and so on.

L-Theanine Synergy With Kratom

Many people take powder to calm their minds and unwind after a hard day at work. Ironically, l-theanine is known for having similar effects. This can make many people view it as a means of potentiating kratom, increasing kratom tolerance by mixing in lower doses of powder and higher doses of l-theanine.

Dosage & Recommendations For Safe Usage

To correctly dose one’s L-theanine and powder mixture, we recommend starting off by considering how much powder you want to consume. Safe dosage of this mixture is heavily dependant on the amount of powder you put in. L-theanine is shown to be safe - even at high doses [2].

To start off, make some fresh tea. Once it is set to go, mix in your kratom. Then, you will have a safe combination ready to consume!

Potential Side Effects & Other Considerations

Not sure if this is the safest combination of products to meet your unique health needs? You should first consider a doctor before consuming either l-theanine and kratom. Keeping this in mind, we will now discuss some common side effects of combining these two products.

Energy Boost: It is common to have a rush of energy that helps motivate you and keep you going throughout your day. Both l-theanine and powder are known for giving you a boost of energy.

Mental Stress Reduction: Many people enjoy l-theanine and kratom separately due to their qualities for lessening stress. When combined, you may notice that these effects are even more noticeable!

Cognitive Enhancement: Want a brain booster that is natural, safe, and without potential negative side effects? L-theanine is a great way to do this! When mixed with kratom, the enhancement qualities might be much more pronounced.

Mood Improvement: If you have had a bad day and want some help feeling better, you should try combining l-theanine and kratom. This is a great potential way to really boost your mood and make you ready to take on a busy day.

Relaxation Effects: If you are drained after a long day’s effort, you might have thought about drinking a beer. However, you can also get relaxing effects from combining l-theanine and kratom instead!

Social Confidence: People who find themselves feeling awkward have long remarked that kratom helps give them a boost of social confidence. If you combine kratom with l-theanine, you may even notice higher levels of confidence!

User Experiences & Testimonials

Want to hear the advice of others before moving on? After scouring the web to find the best possible and least biased user experiences, here are a few that stood out:

In essence, it seems that most people had a great experience combining the two. In addition, it seems that l-theanine being added doesn’t alter the experience much.

Need Some More Kratom?

Mixing kratom and L-theanine is something that has been done successfully and safely by many people for a long time. Not to mention, this is a great way to dilute the taste of powder, making it more pleasant and enjoyable.

If you are on the hunt for some pure kratom products, head on over to Kratom Country. We have a wide selection of powder, capsules, and extracts that can help you make the best possible L-theanine and kratom mixture possible!


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