Making Kratom Capsules: A DIY Guide

Making Kratom Capsules: A DIY Guide


A traditional substance in a modern world Pros and cons of making kratom capsules How to make kratom capsules 3 kratom capsules worth trying Enjoy kratom capsules at home

Keep reading to discover how to make kratom capsules at home, the advantages, and the ingredients you need. We’ll also reveal the best casing to minimize the risk of allergies.


A traditional substance in a modern world

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. The fresh leaves contain various compounds, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These compounds are responsible for the effects of kratom. Traditionally, people consumed this substance by chewing fresh leaves or brewing it into tea. In the modern world, herb vendors make kratom pills for users to enjoy. 

People traditionally took kratom as a remedy for various ailments and as a stimulant to boost energy levels. Currently, many folks are switching to it in a bid to alleviate pain.

According to various reports, taking lower amounts of Mitragyna speciosa may result in stimulant effects. These include:

  • Increased sociability
  • High alertness
  • Relaxation
  • Reduced stress

A higher dosage of this herb has the potential to cause sedative effects. Whether you make your own kratom capsules or buy them online, taking too much might cause some unwanted side effects.

With the proper dosage, kratom offers the following benefits:

  • Relieves discomfort
  • Helps manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Provides a feeling of euphoria
  • Improves focus and mood


making kratom capsules


Pros and cons of making kratom capsules

Are you wondering if DIY pills are better than buying from vendors? Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of making your own kratom capsules to determine whether it’s a good idea.



Making capsules at home offers the following advantages:

  • Affordable: Buying kratom capsules from vendors may be expensive. Buying the powder and making them at home reduces the overall costs.
  • No additives: Some herb sellers may add other substances when processing capsules which could lead to adverse health effects. By making them yourself, you avoid taking pills with additives.
  • Prolonged shelf life: Storing this herb fresh or as a powder is tricky. Leaves deteriorate, and the powder may become impure due to dust and other contaminants. Encapsulating the substance ensures it stays fresh for longer.
  • Freedom of choice: Want to try different strains together? Mix all the kratom capsule ingredients you like and fill them into an empty capsule at home.



Though DIY kratom capsules have various advantages, they also have a few drawbacks. These include:

  • Inconsistent weight: Manually filling all the capsules might result in some having more kratom than others. This inconsistency makes it hard to determine the proper dosage for recreational or medicinal use.
  • Might result in low-quality kratom: Capsules from professional kratom vendors undergo tests and quality inspection to achieve safe products. It’s challenging to achieve the same level of quality control without access to labs. 

How to make kratom capsules

You need to buy empty receptacles when making your own kratom capsules. They’re available at local and online health stores and come in different sizes and types. The most common ones are gelatin and vegetable-based.


Gelatin capsules 

These capsules are more common and cheaper than the veggie type. Manufacturers process them from an animal protein called collagen.

Since they’re derived from animals, they might contain byproducts or chemicals. Though they’re safe and meet health requirements, some people may be allergic to them.


Veggie capsules 

Are you a vegetarian wondering how to make kratom pills? Use ones derived from a plant byproduct called cellulose. 

They’re usually non-GMO, and the lack of animal-derived properties makes them vegetarian-friendly. The human body quickly digests and absorbs veggie capsules. 

Once you’ve chosen your containers, fill them. Manually add the kratom powder, or use a capsule machine to make the process easier.

Let’s look at both methods.


How to fill capsules with kratom

This method involves filling capsules by hand using the following steps: 

  • Wear latex gloves and pour kratom powder/extract into an open container.
  • Put the empty capsules in a bowl.
  • Open one by removing the shorter part from the longer piece.
  • Take the longer part and insert it into the extract to scoop kratom.
  • Close the pill by squeezing the shorter part into the longer one containing this substance.
  • Repeat the process until you have the amount you need. 

Though manual filling is economical, it has a few drawbacks. Spillages could occur, leading to waste, and the capsules might not have a consistent amount of powder.


Using a machine

Rather than manually adding kratom capsule ingredients, save time by investing in a filling machine. This device has slots to place the empty casings. Add the kratom extract/powder and wait for it to complete its work. 

These gadgets automatically fill and seal tens or hundreds of pills within minutes. It minimizes waste and ensures they have a consistent amount of kratom powder. The only downside is that the machine is expensive to purchase. 


3 kratom capsules worth trying

Do you want to avoid the stress of filling capsules at home? Visit our store and get the best kratom strains at affordable prices. We consistently measure our pills, making it easy to determine your dosage.

Check out the three of our best-selling kratom capsules.


Red Bali kratom capsules

This strain originates from Bali, an island in Southeast Asia. It’s a favorite among kratom enthusiasts looking for a calming and mood-boosting substance. 

Taking red Bali kratom capsules or red Bali kratom powder may help you relax, leading to a good night’s sleep. Some users also report its potential to alleviate chronic discomfort. 


Red Maeng Da capsules

Maeng Da (Thai slang for pimp grade) originates from Thailand and is among the most potent kratom strains. It has a higher concentration of alkaloids than most varieties. 

If you’re a beginner, take a small dosage of red Maeng Da kratom capsules to avoid overwhelming effects. Users report it reduces pain, boosts energy, and may alleviate stress. 


Green Malay capsules

Go for green Malay kratom if you’re a novice user who isn’t ready for the potent effects of red vein varieties.

The green Malay kratom capsules pack many alkaloids, with mitragynine being the most dominant. Herb enthusiasts opt for this strain to enjoy the long-lasting euphoric effects. 

Medicinal benefits include improved focus, and concentration. It might also enhance your mental and physical performance and reduce stress.


Enjoy kratom capsules at home

Making your own kratom capsules doesn’t have to be complicated. Turn this wondrous herb into capsules at home using our DIY guide.

Are you wondering where to get this substance? Buy the highest quality kratom at Kratom Country and enjoy incredible offers on all our strains. We’ve got fresh leaves, powder, and capsules ready to ship to your desired location.

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