Maximizing Kratom’s Effects with Orange Juice

Maximizing Kratom’s Effects with Orange Juice


Does Orange Juice Enhance Kratom Potency Preparing the Perfect Kratom-Orange Juice Blend Step-by-Step Mixing Guide Pros & Cons of Kratom with Orange Juice Ready to Fill Up Your Kratom? References

If you find yourself seeking both a new way of masking the kratom taste and trying out a new method of kratom potentiation into your bag of tricks, we would like to teach you the process of mixing kratom and orange juice. 


Does Orange Juice Enhance Kratom Potency

It may not seem like something as common as orange juice would have any impact on kratom (let alone synergistic effects), but it does. For your body to fully consume kratom (and make the effects go away), there are two critical enzymes in the citric acid - CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 [1]. 

When you add orange juice to your powder mix, it slows down the breakdown of CYP3A4. As a result, you get to experience those lovely effects for longer periods, and at the same time, mask the taste that you likely don’t enjoy! 


Preparing the Perfect Kratom-Orange Juice Blend

Thinking of trying out this combination for yourself? We can help you make the perfect blend of kratom with orange juice. To get started, let’s break down the items that you will need first. 

Here are all the items you need: 

  • 2-3 grams of powdered kratom
  • 8-12 ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Blender or shaker bottle
  • Optional: 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar
  • Optional: 2 ounces of chocolate milk. 

For an extra kick to your brew, consider getting some lemon juice or vinegar and adding them to the mix. In addition, a little bit of chocolate milk can help to continue improving the taste. However, keep in mind that these are completely optional! 


Step-by-Step Mixing Guide

Now that you have your materials ready, let’s go ahead and break down all the steps for mixing and crafting out that perfect blend of kratom and orange juice for enhancing effects.

1. Dose Out & Place Your Kratom

The first thing you want to do is gather your blender or shaker bottle and put your powder in. We recommend having just 2-3 grams of powder - this can be a powerful mixture, so also consider sizing down a bit. You can choose from all types of kratom strains and veins. 

2. Add in Your Orange Juice

Next up, go ahead and add in your orange juice - and all that lovely Vitamin C. We recommend having anywhere between 8-12 ounces for best results. 

3. (Optional) Add in Other Ingredients

If you want an extra kick, we recommend adding in a small splash of items like lemon juice and/or vinegar right into the kratom and orange juice mixture. In addition, those who want to help lessen the bitter taste should consider taking kratom pills instead of powder. Or, if you are stuck with powder, try adding in a couple of ounces of chocolate milk!

Dosage Tips for Optimal Effectiveness

After you try out the above recipe, you might find yourself seeking a little more, less, and so on. Remember, this recipe was just a reference. You can still experiment and try out your own mixtures! Here are some additional tips to keep in mind. 


  • Start Slowly: Just with any sort of new experience, it’s best to dip your toes into the water before diving into the deep end. Start with 2-3 grams (or the equivalent) and see how your body reacts. 
  • Increase After Successful Tests: Once you know that 2-3 grams just doesn’t quite give the kick for you, try increasing in increments of 0.5 - 1 gram at a time until you find the perfect dose of kratom and orange juice. Offset the increase by adding in more orange juice, though!
  • Consider Tolerance: As you start to increase the dose of your brew, you will also start to gain tolerance. Therefore, this might be a reason to stick in the sweet spot range you discover after your first tests using 2-3 grams and above. You might even try lowering the dose to help your tolerance stay low! 
  • Try Out More Potentitators: As we mentioned above, another way to add an extra kick is to add in more potentiators. We recommend starting with lemon juice and/or vinegar to increase the alkaloids extraction and overall potency of your kratom and orange juice.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Finally, be sure to always drink plenty of water when you are consuming powder.  



Pros & Cons of Kratom with Orange Juice

Next up, here are some pros and cons to consider when mixing kratom with orange juice. 



Masks the bitter kratom taste

May add too much sugar for your liking

Make kratom more potent

The flavor still won’t be for everyone

Provides a fresh new way of consumption

Orange juice is acidic and can upset your stomach

Boosts the bioavailability of alkaloids


Orange juice is cheap and easy to add in


Can work with many strains & veins




Ready to Fill Up Your Kratom? 

If you are looking for the best kratom possible to add to your kratom and orange juice mix, you should check us out here at Kratom Country. We have a wide selection of veins, strains, extracts, capsules, and more. 

We have strict testing procedures to help you always receive the best possible products on the market. Finally, if you want to find some further kratom potency recipes, be sure to check out our site routinely as we are always adding new content!



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