Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?


Kratom legality in Colorado: What you need to know Kratom legality in Colorado: What you need to know Future predictions for kratom legality in Colorado Where to buy kratom in Colorado Kratom and Colorado’s rocky road

The Centennial State is synonymous with leading the way for green herb legalization in the US. Kratom is legal in Colorado—to an extent. It’s been a turbulent journey, and many jurisdictions have placed restrictions on kratom possession, consumption, and distribution.

Kratom legality in Colorado: What you need to know

Kratom is legal in some of Colorados towns and cities but isn’t regulated at a federal level. Is kratom legal in the U.S.? If you’re a Coloradan, you may find conflicting answers if you Google this phrase.

The status of kratom legality in Colorado is constantly changing, with the pendulum swinging in both directions. Your ability to buy, sell, and use kratom depends on where you are in the Centennial State.

Colorado State Bill 22-120 aims to regulate kratom processors. This bill was recently signed and passed by the governor on 05/26/22. The new legislation is due to come into effect on 07/01/23.

It requires each kratom processor to enclose product information and register with the Department of Revenue. It also prohibits the sale of any kratom products to Coloradans under the age of 21.

While kratom is legal in Colorado in 2022, three jurisdictions (including Denver) have implemented strict laws regarding consumption and possession. Castle Rock also temporarily banned new kratom businesses from opening in 2019 to conduct further research on the herb.


Is kratom legal in Colorado


Kratom in Denver

Denver is the capital city of Colorado, with a population of around 720,000 people. While kratom is legal to possess and sell in the city, its illegal to use for human consumption.

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) made headlines in 2017 by restricting the sale of kratom for consumption. Kratom is legal in Colorado’s Denver state to sell, but the products must display labels warning people not to consume them.


Kratom in Monument

Its been illegal to possess, buy, or consume kratom in the small town of Monument, Colorado, since November 2019. There was an unsuccessful bid to overturn this decision in February 2021. Lobbyists felt the FDA incorrectly labeled the herb as a synthetic drug.


Kratom in Parker

Kratom is also illegal in the town of Parker, Colorado. A letter from the Tri-County Health Department in September 2019 recommended a kratom ban. Parker Town Council made it unlawful to possess, sell, manufacture, and use the herb in response to the FDA’s advice.


Future predictions for kratom legality in Colorado

Kratom is legal in Colorado in 2022, but significant regulation changes will occur in July 2023. Coloradans under 21 won't be able to purchase these powdered herbs from any kratom supplier or consume them.

SB22-120 states that all kratom processors must register and share product information. The Colorado Kratom Consumer Protection Act may positively affect Denver, Parker, and Monument.

The DDPHE is still evaluating the legislation and how it impacts current regulations in the capital. This bill may pave the way for more scientific research and safer use of quality kratom throughout the Centennial State.

Regardless of the legislation, local communities and districts will still have the power to enact bans on kratom. 2023 could swing negatively or positively for Colorado, depending on how the new law takes effect.


Is kratom legal in Colorado


Where to buy kratom in Colorado

Ensure you live in a town or city where kratom is legal in Colorado if you want to consume it. Many dedicated businesses in the Centennial State offer quality strains in capsule and powder forms in legal jurisdictions.

You can buy quality kratom online if you don’t live near a business or vape shop that supplies kratom. At Kratom Country, we sell high-quality kratom products and offer discreet shipping to Colorado. We offer the wide range of different ktatom strains, veins, pills and leaf powder.

Remember to abide by the law in your jurisdiction. Don’t consume kratom if it’s illegal in your area.


Kratom and Colorado’s rocky road

Kratom is legal in Colorado in 2022, except for Parker, Monument, and Denver’s selling restrictions. Colorado State Bill 22-120 has just passed, and we have to wait for the updated regulation results in late 2023.

Although there’ll be age restrictions, the new bill has a positive outlook. It may help regulate safer and better quality kratom from registered processors.

Kratom is an all-natural product with many potential health benefits, and we hope the FDA conducts more thorough research into it. It’s certainly not a designer drug full of synthetic ingredients, and it may provide relief to people with various ailments.

It’s been bumpy, but kratom is legal in Colorado—with a few exceptions. It’s set the benchmark for green-friendly states, and here’s hoping it stands out as kratom-friendly in the future.

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