Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?


Kratom legality in Kansas: What you need to know? Kratom legality in Kansas: What you need to know? Future predictions for kratom legality in Kansas Where to buy kratom in Kansas? The popularity of kratom in Kansas

The sunflower state stands proud in the petroleum industry and is known for zinc mining. As a leading wheat-growing, and various other legumes region, you might ask, is kratom legal in Kansas?

Kratom legality in Kansas: What you need to know?

Is kratom legal?

Mitragyna speciosa, known as kratom, is legal in Kansas; despite a 2018 bill to ban the substance. 

SB282, presented to the Kansas Senate in 2018, proposed revising and updating drugs and substances schedules I, II, and III. Kratom was on this list, making it a controlled substance if passed. 

A plea from American Kratom Association (AKA) and Botanical Education Alliance to the public for support in addressing the state to keep kratom legal was successful. 

With user testimonials and evidence presented to Kansas lawmakers, this local advocacy convinced them there was no reason to ban kratom. Thankfully, as a result, SB282 died in the senate.

Those who advocate using kratom believe there are health benefits to help wean people off opioids. Now, the herb can be bought, sold, or possessed in all of Kansas, even in major cities such as Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, Overland Park, and Lawrence.

SB774 created the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). Stipulating that any outlet or dealer selling, distributing, or preparing a kratom food product must specify the product label upon representation.

The following conditions of sale, distribution, or preparation are prohibited:

  • A product is harmful to the consumer, adulterated with a non-kratom substance.
  • A poisonous or deleterious product laced with a non-kratom substance affects the strength or quality of the kratom product.
  • No kratom-based product should contain synthetic alkaloids.
  • The alkaloid fraction is not higher than 2% of the composition, and a level of 7 hydroxymitragynine or mitragynine is on the packaging label. 

House Bill 2400 was proposed to introduce the KCPA; however, it too died in committee in 2021.

Currently, kratom is legal in Kansas, but it’s unregulated. So what does the future hold for kratom in the sunflower state?


is kratom legal in Kansas


Future predictions for kratom legality in Kansas

Kratom is legal in Kansas. With this legislation, users are legally entitled to use the herb, but there are no guarantees to what the future holds in Kansas.

Currently, there are no pending bills or legislation in Kansas, and this doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

All you need to be aware of is the laws of other states as they can change at any time, should you want to carry kratom cross-states.

The issue currently is that kratom is unregulated. What this means is that the substance can be unaltered or tampered with, purchasing it dangerous if not done correctly.


is kratom legal in Kansas


Where to buy kratom in Kansas?

Now that we've determined kratom is legal in Kansas let’s discuss where to buy it. You can buy it in multiple forms like tea, kratom powder, kratom pills, and fresh leaves. These are obtainable from outlets like smoke and vape shops. 

If you cannot obtain kratom in your area, you can order online from vendors who supply high-quality products; you have to ensure they are trustworthy. 

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The popularity of kratom in Kansas

We've answered, is kratom legal in Kansas? Right now, you can purchase the herb freely in the sunflower state

When there were talks of the kratom ban, there was unity amongst users, supporters, and the people who ensured it was kept legal to date. Kratom Country will keep you updated with the latest laws as they are updated.

With the possibility of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act coming into play, there is a promising future for kratom in Kansas.

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