Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?

Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?
Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?


Kratom legality in Michigan: What you need to know Kratom legality in Michigan: What you need to know Future predictions for kratom legality in Michigan Where to buy kratom in Michigan Michiganians can enjoy kratom freely

The Great Lakes State is famous for its breathtaking views and delicious cuisine. You can enjoy consuming many things in this region, but is kratom legal in Michigan? This natural substance is a popular herbal treatment for discomfort, nervousness, and other ailments.

Kratom legality in Michigan: What you need to know

Is kratom legal in Michigan in 2022? Yes. Currently, you can use, possess and purchase this substance. It's permitted throughout the Great Lakes State, including major cities like Flint, Lansing, and Detroit.

It wasn't always freely allowed. In 2014, proposed House Bill 5707 categorized the plant as a Schedule V substance—nearly prohibiting its usage. Is kratom legal? Advocates fought hard against the passing of this bill, and now anyone can enjoy this herb in Michigan.


Is Kratom Legal in Michigan


Kratom regulations in Michigan

Bills and other legislation determine whether something is allowed or prohibited. Kratom is legal in Michigan but unregulated, meaning there are no laws controlling its sale, purchase, and use.

Since it’s unregulated, there are no standards for products circulating the market. Lab-testing and ingredient labels aren't always present on kratom items, creating a potentially hazardous situation.

Anyone in the Great Lakes State can purchase, use, and possess this substance. Michigan is one of five states with no restrictions on kratom. It's in a gray area because it's unregulated yet legal.

With no legislation controlling it, there's no age restriction, and anyone can buy kratom. Most retailers in Michigan typically only sell it to over 18s, regardless of the lack of legislation.

Currently, kratom is unregulated, but things are expected to change soon. There's a lot of proposed legislation for controlling this industry.


Future predictions for kratom legality in Michigan

In 2016, the state attempted to classify the plant as a Schedule I narcotic but was met with severe pushback. All past attempts to ban the substance have failed, so we can assume the answer to "is kratom legal in Michigan?" will continue to be yes.

Most states have enacted laws to regulate kratom’s sale, consumption, and possession. If legislation is implemented to control its use in Michigan, the law may prevent people under a certain age from purchasing it.

"We'd like to see it regulated so those that choose to purchase and consume it know what they're taking, know how to take it, and know potential side effects." - Michigan Representative Lori Stone, a Democrat from Warren.

House Bill 5477 is currently under discussion. Stone has made it clear she has no intentions of making the substance illegal but wants to regulate it. She's pleased that kratom is legal in Michigan in 2022 but wants to ensure people get what they pay for.

This legislation will ensure that all products are safe for the public. Stone also advocated for kratom only to be available to over 21s, meaning retailers won't be able to sell to minors.

The new bill may enforce strict product guidelines, but it’s necessary. The FDA has previously found salmonella and heavy metals in non-regulated, untested kratom goods.

All products must be lab-tested and include information like alkaloid content and ingredients. This requirement would prevent the addition of dangerous substances or incorrect dosages.

In addition to House Bill 5477, there's a high possibility that the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) will complement it. The state tried to implement the KCPA in 2019 and make it a Schedule II drug. Advocates fought, and that's why kratom is still legal in Michigan in 2022.

The KCPA is good news for consumers and legitimate kratom vendors. This legislation regulates it in many other states, including Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona. Here's what the KCPA will ensure if passed:

  • No access for minors
  • Prohibiting vendors from selling fake, poor quality, contaminated, or adulterated kratom
  • Compulsory testing and labeling for each product
  • A list of ingredients and alkaloid content on each item
  • Misdemeanors like fines or jail time for non-compliance with the regulations

Additionally, the KCPA has a Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) program. Since the FDA doesn't regulate this plant, the American Kratom Association (AKA) came up with the GMP seal of approval.

Producers must have their facilities audited by a third party to get the GMP seal. Companies must have every batch of kratom tested by a laboratory with the amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine on each label.


Is Kratom Legal in Michigan


Where to buy kratom in Michigan

Kratom is legal in Michigan in 2022, but it's unregulated, so you need to be extra careful where you purchase it. Without governance, suppliers may add harmful chemicals, work unhygienically, or deceive the public by labeling it as kratom when it's not.

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Michiganians can enjoy kratom freely

Many upcoming bills have been proposed to regulate kratom’s use, sale, and possession. For now, anyone can buy or use this substance in the Great Lakes State

Kratom is legal in Michigan, but there are currently no consumer protection laws, so you should buy from a reputable source. We stock a wide range of strains that are all lab-tested and contain pure kratom. Shop our selection and buy the highest quality products.