Is Kratom Legal in Washington DC?

Is Kratom Legal in Washington DC?


Kratom legality in Washington DC: What you need to know Kratom legality in Washington DC: What you need to know Future predictions for kratom legality in Washington DC Where to buy kratom in Washington DC Cherry blossoms or kratom

Cherry blossoms are a popular attraction in Washington DC. Did you know that their leaves are edible? Mitragyna speciosa is another tree’s foliage you can consume, but is kratom legal in Washington DC now?

Kratom legality in Washington DC: What you need to know

The debate regarding kratoms’ lawfulness in the country is ongoing. In 2016, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced an intention to list one of the herb's ingredients as a Schedule 1 drug. They later withdrew this recommendation. 

The Washington DC government listed one of the chemicals in kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine, as a controlled substance, resulting in the plant becoming illegal.

In 2018, governors reversed this decision after protests from advocates of the herb and support from the American Kratom Association (AKA). This movement meant the substance became legal

Is kratom currently legal in Washington DC? Yes, it is, although some still consider it to be addictive and support its prohibition.


Kratom legality in Washington DC vs. the rest of the US

Kratom is legal in the whole of DC, but this isn’t the case in other regions. In some states where the herb is allowed, certain counties still don’t permit it.

If you reside outside of The Capital City and are wondering, “Is kratom legal?” consult your local laws to find out.


Is Kratom legal in Washington DC


Countrywide regulations

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a great supporter of this plant. They assisted with forming the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), which aims to help govern the use and sale of the herb. The following is a summary list of standard rules within the US for retailers:

  • Clearly label the product’s origin and list of ingredients, including the quantity of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.
  • Don't sell kratom to those under 18 years.
  • Ensure the product doesn’t come in contact with or contain any hazardous substance that can impact its quality or harm the user.
  • Prevent the sale of any contaminated goods.
  • Communicate any food product that contains traces of this plant.
  • Prohibit retailing any merchandise with this substance containing more than 2% of 7-hydroxymitragynine. Neither should the commodity have any synthetic alkaloids of this flora or any other artificial compound belonging to it.

While kratom is legal in Washington DC, you face possible penalties in a state where it’s illegal.

A retailer can expect criminal charges or fines when not adhering to the above regulations. Penalties can be up to $1,000 or a maximum of 90 days of jail time. Expect harsher punishment when caught in possession of large amounts. 


Future predictions for kratom legality in Washington DC

As more people become aware of kratom’s potential benefits, it doesn't appear that Washington DC will change its legal stance soon. The Capital City’s legislature is still busy finalizing the act.

The KCPA also wants to help this plant achieve a successful future. The act forces retailers to value their consumers by delivering pure Mitragyna speciosa

If the Senate passes the legislation, they can guarantee a premium quality product and ensure kratom is legal in Washington DC endlessly.


Is Kratom legal in Washington DC


Where to buy kratom in Washington DC

Mitragyna speciosa is available in selected retail outlets as well as online. Various strains are available in capsule form or as a powder. While kratom is legal in Washington DC, you still need to exercise caution when shopping for the substance. 

Before buying powdered kratom or capsules, verify the vendor you use is reputable. Purchasing online at Kratom Country has the following advantages:

  • Internet shopping is convenient, saving you time. 
  • You have the freedom to browse through our range of products without the pressure of in-store sales assistants. 
  • It’s much easier to buy natural kratom via our store than in person due to the extensive range of options and quality control.
  • We ensure your privacy when purchasing via our website, as all deliveries are discrete.

At Kratom Country, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality products. Our customer’s needs are our top priority, and why we ensure that all goods sold meet safety standards. 


Cherry blossoms or kratom

Now that kratom is legal in DC, it seems like cherry blossoms aren't the only exciting herb on the market. While the pink sensation has been around for many years, it’s making way for greener things.

It appears that kratom’s growing popularity in Washington DC might spill over to those states who are still conflicted about its legalization. Whatever they decide, it’s clear that this plant is here to stay in this region. 

Stay tuned to Kratom Country for the most recent developments in the industry throughout the US. We’ve got you covered, from new legislation to the latest products available; you can find it all here.

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