Top 5 kratom strains for pain

Top 5 kratom strains for pain

Chronic pain can have a debilitating effect on your lifestyle. It can cause anxiety, fatigue, and depression. Currently, there’s no cure for it. Patients have to use prescription medications such as opioids and alternative therapies to manage the symptoms. Many have turned to taking kratom for pain as an example of the latter.


Herbal supplements like kratom are becoming increasingly popular because they contain natural ingredients. Many people are turning away from conventional drugs due to their potential to cause severe side effects. 


If you want to learn more about kratom for chronic pain, join us as we explore the herbal extract. You’ll find out its origins, how it works, and which strains will offer you maximum benefits.


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Does kratom work for pain?

Before we look at the effectiveness of kratom for pain relief, let’s find out more about the herb, which many consider an alternative to drugs. It’s essential to point out that while it’s effective in relieving pain, it’s not a cure-all supplement. 


What is kratom?

Kratom is an extract from the leaves of a tropical evergreen tree called Mitragyna speciosa, found in Southeast Asia. The herb, also known as Ketum, Biak, and Kakuam, is traditionally used in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia, to increase energy and relieve aches and pains.


The benefit of using kratom for pain is that it contains alkaloids that act as pain relievers. Its primary compound is mitragynine, which converts into 7-hydroxymitragynine, a potent analgesic when you consume it. The herb can also improve your mood, boost energy, and help you to relax.


A natural alternative to pain medication

Most people with chronic pain avoid conventional painkillers because most of them are opioids which can cause addiction. If you overuse these drugs, you can be dependent on them and suffer from their long-term side effects.


Patients use kratom for pain relief because it works similar to opioid pain medications like OxyContin and Vicodin but has fewer known side effects.


kratom for pain


How kratom works to relieve pain

When you consume the herb, its alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine bind to your body’s opioid receptors in the brain. That action releases endorphins that reduce the severity of pain signals from the brain to your body.


Benefits of kratom for pain relief

Kratom for pain relief helps with two types of ailments: 


  1. Neuropathic pain - physical conditions resulting from damage within the nervous system
  2. Inflammatory nociceptive pain from damaged skin, bones, muscles, and visceral organs


Anecdotally, users claim kratom helps with:


  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Connective tissue disorders


How to take kratom for pain

You may consume kratom for pain in powder form or capsules. The former gets into your bloodstream quicker but has a bitter taste. Your body absorbs capsules slower because it takes time to digest the gelatine that encases the content.


The benefit of taking kratom for pain in capsule form is you don’t taste its bitter flavor. You also know how much each capsule contains, so you don’t spend time measuring the amount whenever you consume the herb.


How long does kratom pain relief last?

It’s important to know that kratom is for pain relief and not a cure. The herb provides respite by numbing the pain receptors in your brain. This relief is temporary, and its duration depends on the strain you consume as well as the dosage. Your physiology is another key determining factor.


Research on using kratom for pain

Currently, there aren’t many published studies on the effects of using kratom for pain. A 2010 study on 136 active kratom users showed pain relief benefits without signs of serious side effects despite prolonged use.


kratom for pain


The 5 best kratom strains for pain

Before we look at the best kratom for pain, it’s essential to know there are three distinct variants. Each of them possesses unique properties that offer different degrees of pain relief.


The three strains are red, white, and green. These colors on the stems and veins of kratom leaves represent the age of the herb. Red veins on the leaves mean the kratom is mature.


The best kratom strains for pain are the red ones. They’re potent and interact effectively with the pain receptors in your brain. They also sedate you and make you feel calm. 


The white and green strains are not suitable for managing pain because they boost your energy instead of relaxing you.


Let’s review the three best kratom strains for pain:


Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is the most famous strain among kratom users and one of the most potent. Found in the jungles of Indonesia and Thailand, it’s unique because it boosts energy and offers pain relief.


Red Maeng Da Kratom is a strong kratom strain for pain because it has a high concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The red hue means it comes from mature leaves. Users claim it’s powerful enough to provide relief for conditions such as lupus and arthritis.


You can find the supplement in two forms:



What makes Red Maeng Da a super kratom strain for pain is that it helps you maintain focus while going about your activities without discomfort. 


Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom comes from the tropical jungles of Indonesia, particularly the island of Bali. Being a red strain, it’s great at managing pain. What makes it unique is that it can energize you at low dosages.


It’s a strong kratom strain for pain because of its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content, which offers the most powerful pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxing effects. Its pain relief lasts up to six hours.


As chronic pain can lower your mood, Red Bali Kratom’s stimulating effects can help you feel better while experiencing relief. This strain also helps you overcome sleeping disorders associated with pain. 


If you want a kratom strain for pain that offers fast relief, choose red Bali kratom powder. Its contents get into your bloodstream quickly. If the bitter taste doesn’t appeal to you, a perfect alternative is red Bali kratom capsules.


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Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo Kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains for pain on the market. The strain originates from the rich tropical forests of Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia. It’s a unique red vein strain because although its high alkaloid concentration offers pain relief, it doesn’t sedate you.


Here’s why Red Borneo is one of the best kratom strains for pain:


  • The strain helps you relax and provides relief to people who suffer constant pain throughout the day
  • You can consume it during the day to relieve pain without the risk of fatigue because it’s non-sedating 
  • As pain can be depressing, the strain’s euphoric effect will uplift you


red Borneo kratom capsules are ideal for experiencing kratom strain for pain as they’re convenient to consume.


Red Thai Kratom

Originating from Thailand, the Land of Smile, this kratom strain for pain is popular because of its analgesic properties. It also helps people with chronic pain deal with the non-physical effects of the condition. This variant calms and relaxes you and melts away the constant stress and anxiety related to your ailment.


You have two ways to consume Red Thai Kratom:


  • red Thai kratom capsules: It’s the most convenient way to use this kratom strain for pain. You also don’t have to endure the bitter taste.
  • rRed Thai kratom powder: Use this product for quicker absorption into your bloodstream and faster results.


Red Vietnam Kratom

Although the Vietnamese have used Red Vietnam Kratom traditionally, it only appeared in the western world about 3–4 years ago. It’s now a highly sought-after kratom strain for pain among users.


This kratom variant comes from the Mekong Riverbank. Many Kratom experts claim it contains about 25% more alkaloids than in the other strains.


Red Vietnam Kratom offers pain relief and calming effects. Potency-wise, it’s milder than the other kratom strains for pain, Red Maeng Da or Red Bali.


Many users generally prefer to consume capsules to avoid the bitter kratom flavor. With this variant, you don’t need to because Red Vietnam has a moderately sweet taste. It makes choosing between Vietnam Kratom capsules and Vietnam Kratom powder a matter of personal preference.


What is the correct kratom dosage for pain?

Knowing the optimal kratom dosage for pain is essential if you want the herb’s relieving effects. You may need to experiment with different doses, before finding what works for you.


All kratom strains contain different mitragynine levels. Red vein strains have more of the alkaloid than the others, which makes them the ideal kratom for pain relief. Typically, when you consume the herb in small doses, you experience its stimulant effect. Use more, and its sedative properties take over.


Key factors

Three key elements that influence the amount of kratom for pain to get the results you desire.


Size & weight

You should take a low dose if you’re a small person. Larger individuals require a higher amount to see the same effects. Note that this is only a guide. You should also consider some additional factors.



If you’re using kratom for pain relief, here’s a general guide of the amount you should consume:


  • Mild pain: 0.07–0.14 oz.
  • Moderate pain: 0.10–0.17 oz.
  • Severe pain: 0.17 oz. and above


Tolerance level

Besides body size, your body chemistry may cause you to be more resistant to the herb, so you need a higher dose than others.


Other elements 

The suitable kratom dosage for pain will also depend on the strain, your metabolic rate, and whether you take the supplement before or after a meal.


How to determine the right kratom dosage for pain

To find out what works for you, start with a small quantity. If you’re consuming kratom for pain for the first time, use 0.07 oz. The amount is to help you adjust to the herb’s effects. This dosage is too little to offer much pain relief. 


Increase your dose gradually as you feel the effects are manageable. Add only 0.017 oz. at a time. Remember that it can take a few hours for you to notice the effects. Like most people who use kratom for pain, you may only experience relief after 0.14–0.17 oz.


Avoid using more than 0.21 oz. unless you’re a seasoned user. We don’t recommend heavy doses exceeding 0.42 oz. If you can’t handle a certain dose, cut back until the effects are tolerable.


By experimenting, you end up consuming only the amount of kratom for the pain you need, reducing the risk of overuse and side effects. You also save money because of the lower usage.


Here’s a quick categorization of the doses:

  • Microdose - up to 0.07 oz.
  • Low dose - 0.07–0.21 oz. 
  • High dose - above 0.21 oz.
  • Heavy dose - exceeding 0.28 oz.


Always proceed with caution until you ascertain the kratom dosage for pain that gives you the best results.


Where to buy your favorite kratom strain for pain

As more people seek natural alternatives to medical painkillers, the use of kratom for pain has become increasingly popular. The herb works in the same way as opioids by interacting with the same pain receptors in the brain, without known serious side effects.

When choosing a kratom strain for pain, the most potent are the red vein variants. The best ones on the market are Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, Thai, and Vietnam. The supplements come in the form of capsules and powder. You can get these and other strains from our Kratom Country website.

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