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Does kratom get you high?

Does kratom get you high?

Some people refer to kratom as herbal medicine that’ll do you no harm. Others claim it appears to provide no medicinal benefits whatsoever. If you’re here, you’re likely in the first camp and want to discover more about this intriguing plant. You might be considering trying it for yourself and want to know if a kratom high exists. We’re here to help! 


Join us as we explore this wonder tree and find out exactly what it is. You’ll discover what getting high on kratom feels like, how long it lasts, and some tips to come down. 


What is kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a herbal supplement that many users consume to help with ailments—especially aches and pains. It comes from an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and has been taken for centuries.


The supplement, sometimes called Biak or Ketum, looks like fresh or dry leaves and contains alkaloid compounds. When buying high-quality kratom, you’ll usually find it in powder or pill form. If you find the dried leaves, you can boil them with water to make tea.


Can kratom get you high? The supplement can act as a mild stimulant if you take it in small doses. Once you start to consume larger amounts, you start to experience more of the kratom high effects.


Kratom High


Understanding the kratom high

If you plan on getting high on kratom, you need to know what’s in store to avoid any unwanted surprises. You should expect stimulant-like effects when you ingest a small dose. With this little amount, you can experience feelings similar to when you take other stimulants, such as:


  • Energy boost
  • Increased sex drive
  • Reduced appetite
  • Chatty

Once you start to take higher doses, the kratom high becomes much more intense, and many users compare it to an opioid substance high. You can potentially enter a dream-like state and experience:


  • Euphoria
  • Sedation
  • Pain relief
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Muscle relaxation


If you take a lot, you may get hallucinations and feel delirious. Many users swear by the supplement. As long as you know what’s right for your body and dose accordingly, you’ll enjoy a pleasant kratom high.


How much kratom does it take to get high?

Does kratom get you high? Yes, but how much do you need to feel the effects? It depends on a few factors, including:


  • Your weight. The higher the number on the scales, the more kratom you can likely tolerate. 
  • Food intake. If you’ve eaten a large meal before ingesting the supplement, your kratom high won’t be intense as it would for someone with an empty stomach.
  • Strain and form. Like with other plants used for medicinal purposes, there are different variants. You can also ingest kratom in tea, capsules, and powder form. You need to factor in both when deciding how much kratom to get high.


Consider the reason you’re taking the supplement in the first place. Someone looking to alleviate symptoms of an opiate withdrawal won’t need the same dose as another needing help with concentration.


To adjust your dose according to your needs, take a look at the table below. Remember, not everyone can handle the same amount, so you’ll need to start small and increase if needed.



Reason to Want a Kratom High

Type of Kratom Strain


Pain Relief

Green or red-veined kratom

8g for green and 4g for red

Opiate Withdrawal

Maeng Da, Indo, Bali, and Borneo

2–4g (Increase by 1g if needed)

Energy and Focus

Any mild strain

1–2g to ensure you don’t sleep too deeply afterward


A sedative strain

4g (Increase by 1g if needed)


If you’ve sourced some high-quality kratom and are looking for the dosage to get high depending on the form, here are the amounts.




Kratom High


Kratom powder usually gets added to a drink. If you’re new to the supplement, it can be tough to know the right dosage. We suggest you use a kitchen scale or teaspoon to measure the powder. The ideal amount is 1–2 grams, but try half a gram for a less intense kratom high if you’re a complete beginner. 



This consumption method is perfect for dosing. Getting high on kratom doesn’t get much more convenient than this. Most capsules hold around half a gram, and you can safely take up to eight over the course of a day. Pills take longer to get to work, so factor this in while you’re gauging the effects.



This method is the most potent, and you can find products in oil or tincture form. Taking extract sublingually has almost immediate effects—one or two drops should be enough. Increase the dosage very slowly if you need to.


Opiate vs. kratom high 

Some users take the supplement to help overcome opiate withdrawal. Does kratom get you high like opiates? Many consumers who’ve experimented with both mention the many similarities. Let’s take a look at how they compare.




Kratom High


Opiate High














While many effects are similar, you won’t feel the extreme sensations if you take a small dose of kratom. Instead, you’re more likely to feel an increase in energy and alertness and be more sociable. You can control a kratom high more easily than you can an opiate high.


How long does a kratom high last?

To answer this question, we need to look at the active components in the supplement—mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These chemicals have a half-life of around 2.5–3 hours, so your body needs that much time to get rid of half the substance from your system.


How long does a kratom high last? The effects are at the strongest before the three-hour mark. After that, you’ll still feel the high, but it begins to decrease. At six hours post-consumption, the kratom should stop working.


How to come down from a kratom high

Taken too much kratom or worried you might overdo it? Don’t worry. There are ways you can help the effects feel less intense. Knowing how to come down from kratom high can help you out in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. 


The following tips can come in handy whether you feel like you may have taken too much, or have a kratom hangover.


Kratom High


    • Stay hydrated. Dry mouth and mild headaches can result from not having enough H₂O in your body. Keep a bottle of water close by all the time while you’re high on kratom. It can reduce any of these negative effects and help you avoid a hangover later.
    • Take a nap. Depending on the symptoms you’re feeling, it might be hard to get some shut-eye. Your body will thank you if you can, though. It can also help reduce any mild anxiety you might be feeling.


  • Relax. Can’t get to sleep? Sit down and put a cool cloth or cold compress on your forehead. This should soothe a headache and help you loosen up if you’re starting to feel tense.


  • Have a snack. As we mentioned earlier, if you eat beforehand, you should be able to handle more kratom. The same applies if the kratom high effects are getting intense. Eating something can lower the sensations you’re feeling and help you come down a little from the high.
  • Exercise. If you’re up to it, a walk, stretching, or some yoga can help if you don’t enjoy getting high on kratom. It’ll also help the time pass quickly until the supplement leaves your system.
  • Chat to someone. What is a kratom high like for beginners? It can feel strong. If you’ve never tried the substance before, we recommend doing so in good company. That way, if you experience any unusual effects and don’t feel comfortable, you can chat with them. Talking with someone helps take your mind off the way you feel until the sensations reduce.


Walking on clouds with kratom

Does kratom make you high? Yes, but the extent of the effects all depends on you. Don’t forget to consider your body type and the strain you choose. Use our table to see which kratom works best for your needs and dose accordingly.


If it becomes too much and getting high on kratom isn’t what you expected, implement our tricks on coming down. Remember, many consumers across the globe swear by the supplement, so it must be doing something right. 

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