Does kratom get you high?

Does kratom get you high?
Does kratom get you high?


Understanding the kratom high What does kratom high feel like? How much kratom to get high Best kratom for getting high Enjoy kratom safely

Are you wondering which strains kick fast and deliver a long-lasting high? Keep reading as we unveil the top kratom varieties and where to buy them. You’ll also discover how the herb feels and how to measure the right amount for the best effects.


Does kratom get you high


Understanding the kratom high

Kratom contains more than 40 alkaloids, but mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG) are the most prevalent ones.

These alkaloids are responsible for the kratom high you experience after ingesting this substance. Depending on the strain, extraction method, and the herb’s purity, the effects may vary.

In ancient times, people consumed this plant by chewing the leaves or brewing it into tea. It  has a herbal, leafy, and bitter taste. Modern users create innovative ways to enjoy kratom high without the intense flavor. 

Unique consumption methods include mixing it with mango, orange, or grapefruit juice. Some users also include the herb in foods like yogurt.

If you want to avoid the bitter taste, opt for capsules, which come in different sizes and varieties. A good example is red Bali kratom pills that contain about six grams each and don't have the pungent flavor.

To derive the different varieties, farmers harvest the leaves at different stages. The red-veined strains are the most popular due to their potency.

Does kratom come up in drug tests? The substance and its metabolites are detectable in urine or blood within seven days after consumption. Some factors, like body weight, age, and metabolism rate, influence how long the herb stays in your system.

Standard drug exams like the 5-panel screen cannot determine whether you’ve consumed this herb. Clinicians use the 10-panel test to detect its alkaloids.


What does kratom high feel like?

How strong is kratom? The three main types of mitragyna, green, white, and red veins, determine the herb’s potency and effects.

The mitragynine tree develops leaves that change the center vein color as they mature. While young, they’re white, turning green and eventually red when fully grown.

Though the substance can make you high, users also report health benefits like chronic discomfort relief. The amount you take determines the effects, whether the herb is in capsule or powder form.

Taking a small dosage may produce stimulating effects like euphoria, increased energy, and enhanced focus. Mitragynine’s interaction with neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin leads to these reactions.

Ingesting medium to large amounts of this herb can take you on a kratom trip, leading to opioid-like effects. These include reduced stress, drowsiness, muscle relaxation, and calmness.

After taking a high kratom dosage, mitragynine pseudoindoxyl (MPI) and 7-HMG reactions in the body dominate. These alkaloids bind to brain receptors producing sedative effects and a potent high.

Take smaller amounts to enjoy herb’s recreational benefits without adverse side effects and symptoms of kratom hangover the next day. Increase your dosage as your body becomes more tolerant of the herb.


How much kratom to get high

Understanding the proper kratom dosage for high is essential to ensure you enjoy its benefits without adverse reactions. Some factors that determine how much herb to consume include body size and weight, tolerance, and the desired effects. 

Take less than five grams of this substance if you’d like to enjoy a less intense high. If you’re a beginner, start with small portions and record the reactions to determine your dosage. The effects kick in within 10–15 minutes and last about one hour or more.

Are you wondering how to get high on kratom? Consume moderate to high amounts (five to 15 grams) that produce effects. The euphoria kicks in fast and may last up to six hours. 

High doses greater than 15 grams can have intense effects and extreme sedation. Only take such amounts if you’re an experienced user looking to reach the kratom peak. Large amounts can cause adverse side effects like dehydration, dizziness, and reduced concentration. 

Invest in a digital scale to measure the amount of powder to ingest and achieve your desired effects. Buying pills like the red Maeng Da kratom capsules make it easier to determine your dosage for getting high.

Kratom onset time also depends on a few factors, including:

  • Your weight. The higher the number on the scales, the more kratom you can likely tolerate. 
  • Food intake. If you’ve eaten a large meal before ingesting the supplement, your kratom high won’t be intense as it would for someone with an empty stomach.
  • Strain and form. Like with other plants used for medicinal purposes, there are different variants. You can also ingest kratom in tea, capsules, and powder form. You need to factor in both when deciding how much kratom to get high.

Consider the reason you’re taking the supplement in the first place.


Best kratom for getting high

Does kratom make you high? This herb causes sedative effects that might depend on the strain you consume.


kratom high


Choose green veined cultivars if you’re a beginner or want to experience a slightly overwhelming high. The white variety is more energizing, can increase creativity, and deliver a euphoric feeling.

Red-veined strains are the best type for getting high, as they can relax your body and deliver opioid-like effects. Here are some cultivars to try for a physical and mental buzz.


Maeng Da

Maeng Da is Thai slang for “pimp grade”, indicating that this cultivar is more potent than most varieties. It’s available in different types, depending on the leaf vein color. The red variety is the most popular as most users report its sedative and relaxation effects. 

Maeng Da kratom dosage for high can vary by the ingested amount. Due to its potency, taking two to three grams of powder can induce your desired effects. If you prefer capsules, swallow about five pills. 

You’ll begin feeling the effects within a few minutes, with the high lasting for several hours. Take the red Maeng Da kratom powder or red Maeng Da kratom capsules on an empty stomach for a quicker onset time. 

Medical users also report that this strain can reduce acute and chronic discomfort, relieve, and boost energy levels. Approach red Maeng Da with caution, as a dosage of about eight grams or more can cause overwhelming effects. 



Are you ready for a stimulating red Bali kratom high? The potent strain hails from an island in Southeast Asia and is famous for medicinal and recreational benefits. 

The cultivars deliver a mild energy boost and improve your mood at a lower dosage. Ingest about eight to ten grams of red Bali kratom powder if you’re looking for a relaxing, cerebral buzz.

Start with a few pills and assess the reaction if you prefer capsules. Increase your dosage gradually until you reach your desired level. You’ll feel the kratom kick after 20 to 30 minutes and experience the euphoria for several hours. 

Are you looking for a cultivar with a balanced aroma and effects? Try our Bali blend kratom that packs the alkaloids of red and green-veined leaves to deliver a punch. 



Malay is a single-strain variety that grows in Southeast Asia. This cultivar is for you if you’re a novice user dipping your toes into the kratom world.

Taking red Malay calms and relaxes your body and mind while boosting your creativity. It delivers a gentle and well-balanced punch, making it ideal for daily use.

Since it’s less potent than other strains, the Malay kratom high takes more time to manifest in your body. The proper dosage for beginners should be less than three grams for powder and five to eight Malay kratom capsules, depending on the cap size. 



Red Thai kratom comes from Thailand and is popular among herb enthusiasts looking for strains with relaxing effects. Though it’s a potent cultivar, it gives you positive vibes without overwhelming you.

Take a portion of red Thai kratom powder and enjoy its mood-boosting properties that relieve stress. Medical users swear by this strain for its ability to reduce cramps and assist in dealing with addiction.

Thai kratom high is mild and soothes your mind, leaving you more focused to achieve the tasks ahead. The strain is also ideal for use in the evening to fight insomnia and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Ingesting four to eight grams can produce a long-lasting mental high for beginner or moderate users. Raise the dosage if you’re an experienced consumer looking for potent sedative effects. 



Are you looking for kratom that gets you high fast? Check out the Borneo kratom strain, available in white, green, and red varieties.

The three types produce slightly different effects due to varying concentrations of the active compounds. Red Borneo kratom capsules are ideal for sedative benefits, relaxation, reducing discomfort, and fighting insomnia. 

Take the white veined strain to stay active, enjoy an energizing euphoria, and enhance your focus. Green Borneo can give you mild relaxation and improve your mood. 

Like other strains, the dosage determines the kratom onset time, benefits, and how long the high lasts. Consuming more than eight grams or 10–13 capsules can lead to sedative and opiate-like effects. 


Enjoy kratom safely

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