Popular Strains of Kratom

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Just as some people love their sweet red wine and others prefer a bubbly glass of Moët & Chandon, kratom connoisseurs quickly develop a preference for their favorite varieties and strains of kratom. For those who aren’t sure which are the best kratom strains to try or who are simply looking for a new strain for their collection, here’s our round-up of the top strains of kratom to try.

Maeng Da

A sealed packet of Kratom Country Maeng Da kratom Capsules.

Known as the highest-grade, most aromatic strain available, it’s no wonder that Maeng Da tops the list. At Kratom Country, we offer two main varieties of Maeng Da, and our customers have given both five stars.

Premium Maeng Da

Our red-vein premium Maeng Da is available in capsules as well as powder and is our #1 bestselling strain. The origins of the Maeng Da strains of kratom continue to be somewhat elusive. The Maeng Da is a specially-bred cultivar and one of the best kratom strains available in the region. 

Kali Maeng Da

Kali Maeng Da is similar to Maeng Da but offers a milder aroma and a more accessible price. As we see with most of our strains, the region from which each variety comes makes a big difference in the aroma and strength. This particular variant is named after the region of Kalimantan in the Indonesian portion of Borneo.



A sealed packet of Kratom Country Bali kratom capsules.

Kratom possession and consumption are not as common on the island of Bali as they are in Malaysia and Thailand. However, the plant still grows wild in the volcanic soils of the forested Balinese hills and valleys. Whether grown in their original habitat or abroad, the Balinese strains of kratom are renowned for their smooth aroma and unmatched versatility. 

Premium Bali

Our Premium Bali powder and red Bali kratom capsules are among the most popular Bali products that we offer at Kratom Country. Customers have commented that this red-vein strain has a long-lasting aroma and helps them to improve their wellness.

Ultra Blend Bali

For the more adventurous and those who would like a more balanced aroma than red-vein Bali kratom alone, our Ultra Blend Bali Capsules offer a handcrafted mix of red-vein and green-vein Bali. This blend is believed to be especially rich in alkaloids and effective for supporting holistic health.


Premium Thai

A sealed packet of Kratom Country Thai kratom capsules.

Of the different strains of kratom that we stock at Kratom Country, our premium Thai Kratom offers one of the most laid-back and pleasing aromas that’s perfect for kratom enthusiasts of all levels of experience. The Land of Smiles has one of the longest histories and traditions of kratom farming and use in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the Thai cultivars can be found among our best kratom strains.



A sealed packet of Vietnam kratom capsules.

Next on our list of the most popular strains of kratom is our Vietnam Kratom, available in capsule format. This platinum premium blend has come to be loved by our customers for its balanced combination of green-vein and red-vein kratom. Have you been experimenting with kratom blends at home? You may just find the balance you’ve been looking for with our red-green Vietnam kratom capsules.


Green Malay

A sealed packet of Malay kratom capsules.

Green Malay capsules — often referred to affectionately as Super Green Malay — is a wildcrafted strain that grows on mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees in the jungle. The result is an alkaloid-rich leaf that customers comment “just makes you feel better.” What better way to begin your day than with this highly-recommended strain of kratom?


White Vein

A sealed packet of white-vein kratom capsules.

Of all of the top strains of kratom, white vein kratom is that strain that has the “get up and go” aura to it. Available for Kratom Country customers in capsules, our white-vein kratom offers a pure white-vein punch that’s perfect for beginning the day.

The Kratom is Better at Kratom Country

Offering all of the best kratom strains plus handcrafted premium blends, Kratom Country has truly become one of the online go-to providers for consistent, lab-tested kratom. Unlike many kratom vendors today, we have maintained our focus solely on kratom and are proud to offer an extensive range sourced directly from our providers in Southeast Asia.

When you order kratom from Kratom Country, you know that you are getting a product that is 5-step lab-tested, milled immediately before packaging, and covered by our satisfaction guarantee. Shop for your favorite strains of kratom and get in touch for support with a smile!

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