Is Kratom Legal in San Diego?

Is Kratom Legal in San Diego?


Why is kratom banned in San Diego? Future predictions on kratom legality in San Diego Where to buy kratom in San Diego The bottom line

Despite its potential health benefits, a kratom ban has been active in San Diego since 2016. The outlawing follows concerns about its safety and potential for abuse. This article will explore San Diego’s kratom bans and what it entails for enthusiasts.

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Why is kratom banned in San Diego?

San Diego, California, is a coastal city in the southern part of the state. Known for its beautiful beaches, mild climate, and diverse culture, San Diego makes for a popular tourist destination.

With a population of over 1.4 million, San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States. It’s home to many attractions, including the famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld.

The city also has a thriving downtown area with many restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. San Diego is home to several prominent universities and research institutions, making it a center for education and innovation.

Kratom legality in San Diego is a sensitive and controversial topic. There are various aspects to consider when comparing federal and state law.

Kratom products aren’t federally regulated in the United States and aren’t subject to government-mandated safety checks. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considered labeling kratom a level-one controlled substance due to its psychoactive properties.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warning statements and urged consumers to browse kratom side effects when researching. They also seized and destroyed products at the border mixed with other drug compounds.

Kratom legality in the USA differs across the country. Although the plant is legal at the federal level, some municipalities and states have implemented restrictions or banned its use, sale, and possession altogether.

Kratom is currently illegal in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin


why is kratom banned in san diego

In 2016, the San Diego City Council approved a law prohibiting the sale, production, distribution, and possession of synthetic and psychoactive drugs. This kratom ordinance also included other substances like bath salts and spices.

San Diego Municipal Code section 52.3303 is especially relevant to head shops, tobacco stores, and street vendors. It states that it’s illegal to manufacture and sell kratom products and possess items intended for sale.

Possession of kratom by the public is banned by San Diego Municipal Code section 52.3304. It also states that kratom manufacturing, sale, or distribution is a public nuisance.

According to section 52.3307, property owners have 30 days to correct the transgression after receiving a written notice from the city.

Business owners and employees in San Diego must be aware of and comply with these laws, as enforcement has already begun. Consequences for breaking these rules include citation, arrest, and additional administrative and civil penalties.

The question remains: is kratom illegal in California? Kratom is legal in San Diego County as well as in the state of California. It’s only unlawful within the city limits of San Diego.

This law commenced immediately as the council believed the banned substances threatened the public’s health and safety.

Despite these concerns, many advocates argue kratom is a safe and effective treatment for various conditions, including relief from chronic discomfort, stress, and mental despair.

They point to the fact that kratom has been used safely for centuries in Southeast Asia and that it's less addictive and less dangerous than many prescription drugs.


Future predictions on kratom legality in San Diego


is kratom legal in san diego


In 2020, San Diego County held a gathering where officials listened to the testimony of nearly two dozen kratom supporters. After hearing the statements, the council directed several agencies to return their opinions and provide possible solutions in 60 days.

The county’s Health and Human Services Department, Medical Examiner's Office, and Sheriff's Department will consult with the American Kratom Association before making recommendations.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob favors a county-wide kratom ban since the FDA issued multiple warnings against its use. On the other hand, Councilor Gaspar admitted she was new to the topic and felt uncomfortable making decisions that would affect many people’s lives.

She also questioned why the county should consider regulation when the FDA and DEA weren’t regulating kratom and suggested working with the industry to develop potential controls.


Despite the ongoing debate, some residents in the community are confused about the council’s desire to ban kratom.

The future of Mitragyna speciosa in San Diego County remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure: the debate is far from over.


Where to buy kratom in San Diego

As kratom is illegal in San Diego, many individuals purchase it outside the city limits. There are multiple head shops in areas surrounding San Diego, like La Mesa, Poway, and Carlsbad.

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The bottom line

Is kratom legal in San Diego, California? Yes and no. While the city of San Diego has banned kratom products, the county hasn’t yet decided on a course of action.

Residents and businesses in San Diego need to stay informed about the current laws and potential changes regarding kratom legality.

Purchase quality kratom products online to ensure you receive pure products free from heavy metals and other contaminants. Have your order delivered to an address outside San Diego to prevent citations or potential arrests.