Is Kratom Legal in West Virginia?

Is Kratom Legal in West Virginia?


Kratom legality in West Virginia: What you need to know Future predictions for kratom legality in West Virginia Where to buy kratom in West Virginia Virginia: Home of southern kratom hospitality

West Virginia is best known for being the birthplace of a nation and has an extensive history as far back as 1607. It’s an important place in America’s past, but does it permit a particular Southeast Asian plant? Fortunately, it does because kratom is legal in West Virginia.


Kratom legality in West Virginia: What you need to know

Is kratom legal? This substance is allowed in the Old Dominion, and there are no repercussions for selling, possessing, or consuming it.

Kratom is legal in Virginia in 2022 and remains unregulated in the entire state. The herb is free to consume and available to buy in VA’s major metropolitan areas, including Richmond, Roanoke, and Roanoke-Arlington.

Outsiders may be unaware that Washington DC is not in the district of Virginia. Kratom is illegal in Washington DC, a separate territory with different laws and regulations from the Old Dominion.

Previously, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced plans to classify kratom as a controlled substance. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also hasn’t approved the plant for consumption.

Despite its controversy, the herb doesn’t have an overly turbulent history in VA compared to many other states. Kratom is legal in Virginia—for now. If VA’s Board of Pharmacy had succeeded in investigating the herb, its future might have looked much darker.


Is Kratom Legal in West Virginia


Future predictions for kratom legality in West Virginia

Kratom is freely available for people to consume and purchase. However, a past investigation could have jeopardized its legality in Virginia. A new house bill also seeks to implement strict selling regulations.

VA’s Board of Pharmacy sought to investigate kratom and link it to several deaths. It looked to determine if the plant should be classed as a controlled substance. The bill listed as VA HJR39 may have made the herb illegal to manufacture, sell, possess, and consume in Virginia.

Kratom is legal in VA today because VA HJR39 failed to pass in December 2020 and was declared dead. It could pop up in the future under a new number.  

Pending VA House Bill 1307 aims for all kratom suppliers to label their products with directions for safe consumption and dosage limits. The bill also prohibits more than 2% of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine in any herbal items.

Most new bills, including those in Virginia, are due to the FDA failing to approve the plant for safe consumption. Despite the FDA mislabeling it as a designer drug, kratom products contain pure, all-natural herbs free of synthetic ingredients.

If the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passes, it may help regulate the plant and make it safer for consumption. Regulated sales mean users can enjoy high-quality products without additives or synthetic substances.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is working hard with the KCPA to ensure kratom is legal in Virginia in the long run. It aims to reassure and protect users with safe, legal herbal products.


Is Kratom Legal in West Virginia


Where to buy kratom in West Virginia

Kratom is legal in VA, and many establishments sell the herb throughout the state. It’s available to buy in most tobacco and vape shops. You’ll also find it for sale in some bars and restaurants.

Kratom remains unregulated in the Old Dominion, so ensure you purchase pure herbs free of additives from a reputable supplier. We recommend buying your capsules and powders online to save you time, money, and inconvenient commutes.

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Virginia: Home of southern kratom hospitality

Kratom is legal in VA, and its future status remains stable for now. It has a semi-smooth history in the Old Dominion, without many bumps on the road ahead. Suppliers must wait for more news on VA HB1307 to see if they’ll face strict selling regulations.

Our hopes for kratom’s future rest on the KCPA. This nationwide bill may help ensure safe and regulated products for those in the Old Dominion.

Meanwhile, you can continue to buy these therapeutic products in America’s birthplace. Order online at Kratom Country for fast deliveries of high-quality powders and capsules.

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